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Full Waaagh in just a year?

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I had a fairly productive night and applying both the skin and the overall wash. 20201121_001725.thumb.jpg.7d0a0e462edb4efd22e61b263692a75d.jpg20201121_001651.thumb.jpg.a918c30f147dddb299b707f169a57743.jpg20201121_001711.thumb.jpg.c4a566078367cee746b56d266e491754.jpg20201121_001827.thumb.jpg.4810d6c805f47f843d48be7112d0e436.jpg


So all that really remains at least as far as painting is the eyes, teeth, nails, the skin highlight, and the dirt highlight. So with any luck I'll finish painting and sealing them during my next session with flock and final pictures the folowing day. Then I guess it's back to the grind of boys. 

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22 hours ago, Standifer said:

I love the Not orcs on the front!

That's actually my favorite detail and one of the main motivations for me trying to replicate the original piece.


The tank Orks are finished and sealed so tomorrow I'll add the flock to their bases and take the final pictures. Then we'll see just how well I replicated the original piece. 


As the tank Orks didn't take too long to finish I went ahead and started my next batch of boys. As I still had paint leftover on my palette all the boys recieved some color in either the form of a shirt or pants. Thanks to an interesting YouTube video I ended up painting a little longer and managed to basecoat all of their skin too.


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The "tank" Orks are finished so here are the final pictures.20201122_175417.thumb.jpg.c11b2fdf63b6e4d3f2b28e7e67afb27d.jpg20201122_175429.thumb.jpg.0e469077d444a70059ccc213f1391a52.jpg






Before showing off the assembled "Tank" I figured I'd refresh everyone's memory with the original inspiration.




I think I did a pretty good job with this one. It's not an exact replica of the original, but it was never meant to be. My real goal was to give my wife's army something unique (if not exactly original) like my Imperial Guard army has with their Segway Roughriders. With that in mind I'm very pleased with this "tank" and I believe I achieved my goal of giving my wife's army an interesting piece to laugh and joke about during games.


As for the next batch of boys they recieved a few more colors before I decided to call it a night.20201122_212754.thumb.jpg.40fff28263c347a827202a8428466fea.jpg

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Best Camouflage ever!


Guardsman :Sir! I see a Transport coming this way!


Commissar: No worries, it's one of ours, See? It clearly is a Rhino transporter, it even says NOT ORKS! Strange sense of humor these Space Marines have..


Guardsman: I dunno Sir, it looks kinda strange, I don't trust it!


Commissar: Do I have to execute you for cowardice Guardsman? That is a Space Marine Rhino!


Guardsman: That is a Space Marine Rhino Sir! Nothing to worry about!


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Took a way longer break from this project than I intended and though I wish I could say the time was spent working on other aspects of this project it wasn't. I've actually been doing prep work for completely different projects I'll be focusing on after the new year.


So with under a month remaining I'm admitting defeat, apparently I cannot paint an entire Ork army in a year, and I certainly can't do it with the six months I actually spent focused on the project. I will however be spending my remaining painting time this year finishing what I can. My plan is to paint what's currently in front of me before switching to individual character models and just seeing how many I finish.


With that mindset in place I managed to finish the leather straps, boots, and packs on my latest set of boys.20201213_223106.thumb.jpg.e95c841123e2bbc3078e8dd260d6c46f.jpg


At some point during this project's break a couple of the Ork Copters got some paint too. 


Edited by Rat13
Forgot the text for the Copters.
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The current batch is nearly done, all that remains is basing and sealing. 20201217_002048.thumb.jpg.94f16b2dbdc16412d18038d4fb2cefaa.jpg


Deciding to push these guys along tonight seems to have paid off, though the rush has left them looking quite generic. At this point however the looming end date and general project fatigue makes this way easier to accept.

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Well all Waaagghhhs start small and tend to grow while the hordes win more battles.

Yours just started and will grow later on.

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Big Shoota boys are sealed and awaiting flock, so if all goes well they'll be finished tomorrow and I'll take the final pictures. 


Moving on to the Copters I got a bit done but not as much as I'd hoped. I did manage to finish their skin, hats, and gloves however. One Copter even recieved a complete basecoat of yellow too.20201218_225739.thumb.jpg.329359f967e48a5a530a8287f8254f5b.jpg20201218_225803.thumb.jpg.e9a42f78bd22e10697370e8061c9ad72.jpg


In all honesty my heart just wasn't in it tonight. Winning a couple eBay auctions right before starting my paint session didn't help either. Most of my time painting was spent on autopilot while I thought about another project I'm truly excited by (I'll be starting that immediately after the new year).


If I've learned anything from this project it's that I'll never be a commission painter (even if my skill ever actually reached that point). Turns out I just have trouble staying motivated with a project I didn't "really" choose. Truth be told if my wife hadn't wanted to play Orks I probably never would have painted any. So jumping right in and painting an entire horde of them wasn't exactly something I was "jazzed" about. 


I do see myself finishing this project but its definitely going to go into overtime. Once the year ends I'm going to take a bit of time for my own projects. After a few though I will start to pepper the Orks back into my queue. I'm thinking a one to one exchange will work but we'll see what happens. 

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The Big Shoota Boys recieved their flock so here come their final pictures.20201219_232723.thumb.jpg.2a16b64d11e506892b93f5e19570b1ba.jpg20201219_232738.thumb.jpg.b7632240106e33f614ced26a7f346e13.jpg







Like I said they look a little phoned in, but once they get thrown into mobs I think they'll be okay. If nothing else they are definitely tabletop acceptable. 


As for the Copters they only recieved two colors tonight but it made quite a difference.



With the first Copter yellow will obviously be the main color (they are Bad Moons afterall) but I don't think they'll all receive the same treatment. Since I'm treating each one like an independent character (for the purposes of painting) I don't really have an overall plan I'm just going to take it one model at a time and see how they turn out. With that in mind my next two are already shaping up from just the excess paint from my palette. 


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Made quite a bit of progress on the first Copter and it's nearly finished. With the addition of Red and both metallics only small details and washes remain.20201221_001005.thumb.jpg.c42d89b7f4bf6c9442103d8e4f197be9.jpg20201221_001017.thumb.jpg.fc39edf3ae91aaafb038d17cea34d072.jpg


The second Copter received a little color too courtesy of leftover paint.20201221_001056.thumb.jpg.37d21bc155114516ff3a6d3d735ffd79.jpg20201221_001106.thumb.jpg.e8fccc31b6f135d8d9a00f01551df588.jpg

Oddly enough the basecoat on this one is practically done as all that's really missing is the trademark yellow. I'd call that pretty good for just a short painting session. 

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Sat down tonight hoping to really make some progress but it just didn't happen. I did manage to apply a wash to all the skin and basecoat the Copters in yellow though.  20201227_223848.thumb.jpg.32c6cebd90655d824ce376fda1cbc06f.jpg

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As we all saw coming the Waaagh! is going into overtime. The plan is to finish the Copters before taking a much needed break. Going forward I will be breaking up my own projects every now and again with a squad or two. So sooner or later this army will get finished.


Though this is the first update in about a week and a half that's not to say I haven't been busy. I've actually been hard at work on my next big project. Hopefully that project will actually be worth all the hype I've given it through this unrelated one.


Tonight I almost finished the third Copter (minus detail work and metallics). It recieved a ton of red and blue. Thanks to a heavy hand with the paint bottles the others also got a bit more color too.20210107_234322.thumb.jpg.1f087912022df52e8e4dee865032f179.jpg20210107_234337.thumb.jpg.65e0134a8f240a5231be4856a6a92bab.jpg20210107_234352.thumb.jpg.fbf739d903ea24b92b50a0c5161e9299.jpg


I've been trying my best to only paint one Copter at a time now but somehow I keep over pouring paint onto my palette. Guess I'll just keep trying.

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    • By Rat13
      So awhile back Uncle Adam on the YouTube mentioned something about making a Halloween themed killteam scenario. It seemed like a pretty good idea and after a lot of thought I decided to give it a try. How hard could it be to make a custom scenario for the spooky season? Having seen quite a few interesting wave based custom scenarios I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I also knew I wanted to use the undead (zombies and skeletons). 
      So the first problem is that I don't have enough zombies and skeletons for a wave based scenario. Not exactly wanting to break the bank for what will probably be a one off game I started looking for some cheap zombies. Turns out I didn't have to look hard or for very long. Zombies!!! Glowing Bag O' Zombies was just the ticket with 100 zombies (in four sculpts) for about $12 all in.

      Now they're a little on the small size, but again this is a one off game. Besides painting a hundred figures for a one off game I don't think my buddies will have too much to say. Armed with this bag and the few undead I already have I think I'll have enough enemies to go around. Or maybe I need another bag?
      I started out the night with two different sculpts with the simple intention of figuring out color schemes. First up was either a construction worker or a hunter, and honestly even after painting it I'm still not sure. As I blocked out the colors I was better able to see the figure's details, though I still don't know if it's a construction worker or a hunter. Would you call that a construnter?
      I hit everything minus the skin and gore when I had an idea. I just might be able to put that grey primer to work. With just a red wash I might be able to completely skip painting the skin and gore.

      I wouldn't exactly call it a success, but it's not terrible. This guy will probably squeak by as is but it looks like I'll be painting skin afterall. 
      Next up was a fellow carrying a severed leg. On this one I painted a skin tone but used just a wash again for the gore. 

      I think it looks better, but I'm still on the fence. 
      Though neither figure is finished I can't believe how quickly they painted up. Knowing that a batch paint was the next step I attached all the construction/hunters (construnters) to craft sticks. 
      Then seeing how much paint was leftover on my palette from this and a previous project I went ahead and basecoated all the pants. 

      I did not expect to do so much in just one night, but then again we all know I won't keep this pace.
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      A kid who works for me plays 40K, and was showing me a color scheme he liked. I asked if I could give i a shot on one of his minis, so he gave me this one to paint up. I tried to get a decent result while doing it as fast as possible. Counting priming and sealing I think this is about 2 hours and some change. I did a zenithal prime with Stynylrez, and all colors are RMS with the exception of Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia. 

    • By Rat13
      I've been teasing this project way longer than I should have. I honestly just kept forgetting to pick up some lasguns. Really that's all that delayed this project for so long. But before we jump into it I figured I'd give a little context to the project. 
      As the lore says some humans have defected leaving the Imperium of man and joining the Tau. Though I don't know a ton of Tau players every one I have met has at least one unit of human defectors in their army. My friend is no exception to this, but as I play Guard exclusively he really likes to point them out every chance he gets. 
      I had no plans whatsoever to fight fire with fire, at least on this particular joke. I was content to let him have this one as I always had my "Fabulous" squad and segways on the field whenever I played him(and I can happily report that both squads tend to do really well against him). The bits bin however had other plans. 
      A few months before my wife and I found a house and subsequently moved I came across a squad of Tau for about eight bucks. They were fully assembled save their arms, but all the neccessary parts were there. I originally picked them up as a gift for my friend, a potential trade, or for something new to paint. I really didn't have a specific idea for them and for that reason they remained tucked away in my desk.
      As I was just figuring out if my next Guardsmen project would be a squad of PDF or a big batch of conscripts it hit me. What about a Tau prisoner squad? At first I liked the idea as it was basically the same concept with just that little twist. It certainly fit the lore better than Tau defecting to the Imperium. It also seemed way more likely the Imperium would utilize them in that way. I could already hear my friends jokes however as they'd only be fighting on my side because they were forced to. So ignoring the lore and logic I went with regular defectors instead. 
      First up I had to equip them with lasguns. I'll admit I thought about how to do that way longer than was necessary. There are indeed many ways to do it, but I figured the easiest way was to simply cut their regular guns just beyond where the hands held them. Then all I had to do was glue a lasgun to it, greenstuff the seams and call it a day. It wouldn't look amazing but it would suffice. It'd also give me a chance to practice with greenstuff. 
      It did cause another problem however. Most of the secondary arms were designed to cradle the bottom of their guns. Their cupped hands didn't exactly fit the bulkier lasguns. They were perfect for holding grenades however. 
      Well here they are primed and ready to paint. 


      I'm not very good when it comes to green stuff but I'm hoping a paintjob might be able to hide some of the flaws. I know there are only nine, but I plan to take them with a regular Guard sergeant. They may be defectors but someone has to watch them.
    • By kristof65
      Back in the "olden days" when I played 40k second edition, our game group played a lot of multi player games, and as a result, we sort of had a meta-game RPG going on with our Space Marine Chapters.  Thanks to the things that happened during the games, our chapters had allies and alliances and rivalries and foes.
      Sometimes, to resolve disputes, we would hold a council meeting of the Chapters so grievances could be aired, agreements come to and consequences doled out. In these council meetings, each chapter got a vote. 
      But a problem emerged - some players had multiple chapters of their own design, and multiple players were playing official GW chapters, which meant that some people had multiple votes, while others had to share.  The solution we came up with was that for council votes, a chapter could be represented by a single fully painted miniature.
      And so most of us painted up three or four minis as our vote "tokens". And here are mine from the 90s:

      The guy on the left is one of my Marines Errant, which was my primary Chapter. The black and yellow guy is one of my Blast Hornets, a chapter that was declared renegade as the result of one of these council meetings. The two on the left are my voting minis, from the Fire Angels and Fire Hawks chapters.
      Just before I moved away, we had a big council meeting coming up, and I hatched a dastardly plan. I bought two boxes of the cheapest Space Marines I could, and planned to paint up twenty more chapters, thus ensuring I could rule final vote. This was also going to be my parting gift - I was going to give each of the other players two of the minis.
      Well, I didn't manage to do more than get those minis primed.  I recently found that box of primed Space Marines, and decided to see how well I could paint one of my Marines Errant 20+ years later, using Reaper's MSPs.
      And then I decided I wanted to finally finish the project

      Here are the first six. On the left is a Marines Errant, and on the right is a Salamander - the other four I just painted up and threw decals on.  I'll have to come up with chapter names for them later.
    • By Rat13
      In lieu of a regular housewarming party my wife and I have opted to host a game day at our new house. After gathering supplies, prepping some food, and setting up some tables we're ready for our Housewarhammering.

      As luck would have it I'm flush with terrain (couldn't sell a single piece at a local craft fair), so I set up a couple of simple tables. Though they're sparse looking I doubt they'll stay that way, my buddies really get into setting up tables. After their tinkering I'm sure the tables with look better and most of my "extra" pieces will get used.
      Now it's just a matter of waiting for everyone to arrive. Guess I could play some PC Battlefleet Gothic Armada while waiting.
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