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So I've painted up a couple of sample pieces of my 4bot tiles and to try out an ice recipe. I thought I'd get some feedback. It seems a bit too sea glass for me.

Phtalo green (yellow ink) +medium, 20200101_203314.thumb.jpg.49b1aa3a56dc4745eeb2163c8bca39ec.jpgthen drybrush of teal20200101_203351.thumb.jpg.1d229f5da675c1d9f971e46daa99b277.jpg, turquoise,20200101_203434.thumb.jpg.9821ea8112dd817a02cd85e1e7bc0914.jpg pale blue20200101_203521.thumb.jpg.5c69ded938c2c7766768b1d37d25b71c.jpg, and adding white20200101_203600.thumb.jpg.6a271886488b878a0287e47b5fe25314.jpg.

Also included a pic of previous recipe using turquoise ink and pale blue, then white drybrush.20200101_203745.thumb.jpg.8eed2953e66d4b1d800afa5f63e03ca4.jpg

And materials 20200101_204420.thumb.jpg.787f1b9936fafd4f15ac928ced39d72f.jpgThoughts?

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It seems you have the right colors. Both the green and blue can work. I think you need more white and maybe wind striations on it.  If you search Tube U you can find some terrain and base examples- Painting with Marrok seemed to have some good hints (striations and edging in white, etc).

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4 hours ago, lexomatic said:

I might see if I have anything else to use as a base. I want some translucence, hence the inks.

And I found a deep turquoise, a phtalo blue (green) - I didnt pay attention which is which(I think the phtalo is bottom right) , and turquoise (top) , which is "opaque."


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I kinda like all of those better. Almost feel like it would be cool to have that original phtalo as a colour for the middle of the tile, with one of the others top and bottom. Not sure that's really doable.

Any preferences?


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