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Swampstalkers Army


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Life has served me some distractions, as it usually does, but here I am again. The plan for this evening was to finish the big guy (called Terror) and paint the smaller one (called Horror) from the start. Calling them done, yay! It will be a significant increase in my army size (points wise) after I get them on bases.



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Based and finished these two guys, taking my army to 1500 points or so! 


The original Terror and a link to my version:





The original Horror and a link to my version:





Terror and Horror, I know, right? I didn't come up with these names ^_^



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I sat down this afternoon to start a unit of Soulflayers, flying cavalry. Well, big brushes and washing/glazing/drybrushing made me not only start, but also finish painting them. Wow, big surprise for me! Also, they don't really fit the gaming base, lol. So, I don't have a unit of Soulflayers, but I have 3 mind-screeches, flying spell-casting monsters. If you recall the cthulhish model from earlier, I already have one of those and I don't need more than three... So, the first one will now be ... Not sure yet, something else :)



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2 on a base? Not a bad idea, but I have three, so I'd have one additional which I could not use elsewhere in the army. And I don't feel like buying and painting another one :)


Today I checked the colour scheme for Reapers, powerful close combat unit. They are monsters (like everything in that army), but I'm using chaos warriors converted to nurgle followers (not by me, I bought them).




It's fun but also challenging to search for different schemes on different units while trying to keep the coherent army look

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    • By silentoutsidr
      Hi Everyone,
      I'm new here, been an off and on lurker over the years, and wanted to share some pictures most recently finished models.
      Before I began, I was looking for ideas on how to decorate the models and a lot of the pictures that I found of these models I didn't think did them justice. So I looked at other treemen models. What I liked the most was using foliage and turf material to create "real" foliage instead of going with just painted metal.
      I really enjoyed working on the models, it was a lot of firsts for me. The biggest one being water, I have seen a lot of videos about making water scenes and what not. Seeing the model with cattails on it I had to have it coming out of the water. I tried going for a wet dripping algae look. For a first attempt I think it did turned out pretty good. As far as the models go, I wasn't really thrilled with the appearance of the metal vines. So I created my own vines as well, which is another first. Quite fun but tedious and pleased with the look. Cattails were made from parts of floral wheat and tacky glue. Adding foliage to miniatures in general is a first for me as well, all the foliage was self made with colored sawdust and furniture foam. The only thing not made was static grass.
      The water is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and their Water Effects. I liked how easy it was and relatively mess free compared to the typical 2 part epoxy that I've seen.
      After doing these minis I thought of something I am going to attempt on my other 6. I'm going to ditch the metal arms entirely and use floral wire as a support so I can then pose the vines however I want.
      Lastly, these are going to be a part of my Elven Army and perhaps a start of a Forces of Nature Army for Kings Of War. So these aren't my first models. Just the ones I'm most satisfied with. If you have any suggestions, critiques, or questions let me know.  

    • By Nameless
      Another unit for my Swampstalkers  I was looking for a suitable alternative for Scarecrows, the cheapest zombie-like unit in my army. These goblins from the Hobbit game looked like a good choice - gnarly, twisted bodies with some wounds, smaller in size than plaguebearers I used for a slightly stronger unit of blood worms (my other infantry unit). And I got them very cheap, second-hand - they already came primed white to me, which saved some time. Lots of different washes, picked some details (mainly eyes and wounds/warts - both with GW blood effect). Swampy base of course, as this is the main theme for my army. Cut some of the models legs off to create an effect of them rising from the mud.

    • By Nameless
      I will use these GW Plaguebearers as Blood Worms in my Kings of War army. As with nurglings earlier, I painted lots of different skin tones to get some variety within the unit, hoping they still work well together. Table-top painting, not caring much about all the details or super quality.

    • By Nameless
      Third unit for my Swampstalkers (Kings of War army). I've used nurglings from GW, and they will be my Swamp Fangs 

    • By Nameless
      Second unit for my Kings of War army, Swampstalkers.
      These GW Dire Wolves will be my Swamp Hounds 

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