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It is a time of unrest among the 28mm miniatures.

All of Jasper's WIPs seem to focus on 10mm BSRs

and 3D printing. 

Rumor is rampant.

Has Jasper forsaken his hordes of unpainted 28mm figures?


But then word comes, from the far off land of LFGS,

of a new...purchase. And then another. And another.

Could this be what the unpainted masses await?


At last there is a sighting.  A box, opening, as was foretold.

Figures of grey begin to emerge and forces begin to assemble.

The huddled unpainted masses hold their breaths ans hopes rise,

preparing for the coming of the paint....




So, I'm starting yet another WIP, with hope that this one will go somewhere.  I've been picking up a bunch of Star Wars Legion since the summer, when I got a new job and moved to a new city.  We have a pretty nice flgs just a couple of minutes walk from the office, so it is very easy to just wander over at lunch. This is great, but not for my budget. I'm not sure if I'll ever actually play Legion (not that I'm ruling it out) but mostly I just like Star Wars.

Anyway, with us moved into a new house and with a mostly set up painting room (just don't look...well, anywhere but the painting desk) I figure it's time to get some of these figures painted up.

I am (of course, I mean look at my avatar) starting with the Imperial forces.




Not a massive start.  But a start none the less.  It is late and my neck a bit cranky, but I wanted to get started.  Some I've worked on mold lines and test fit limbs.  Looks like there are 8 more Stormtroopers to pull out of baggies. I'll likely tackle some of them tomorrow unless we end up painting CAV (or my wife has other plans).  I expect I'll want to pin their feet to the bases, plus I have to decide if the get normal bases or the spiffy ones I picked up. And I expect I'll glue the arms on before painting even though it is a bit of a pain to paint anything with arms like that. I still think I'd rather have them assembled. 

As far as painting, I'm just going for tabletop on these guys, but as they are mostly white I'm still going to go look at some other people's work.  I know there was a number of very good Star Wars Legion WIPs on here a bit ago, that I need to go find again.

Edit: @Sharkbelly's WIPs on Star Wars Legion were the ones I was thinking of. They are great!!


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Amazing how much more "right" they look with just some white primer on them. Got the airbrush station cleaned up and hit them with some Stynylrez.  Letting that cure since I'm planning to use some Contrast paint on them (and the videos I watched strongly suggested giving the primer a good day).

I figure I'll stick to a squad at a time for painting.  At least until I find the rest of my corks......


I hadn't actually compared them to Reaper figs.  I'll take a pic to compare the next time I'm taking pics.  The CAV in the background likely aren't helpful. ::):


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First up, scale.



He seems kind of tall for a stormtrooper.  (what? it had to be said)

Definitely taller than the average Reaper.  And he doesn't even have a base yet.


On to painting.  I'm just starting with one to see if I like the way this works.

Because of that, I spent more time shaking the pot of paint than actually painting.  That Apothecary White takes some serious shaking....



Just kind of slathered it everywhere.


It is dry now, but I can't find my large drybrush (someday I'll be finished unpacking) so I'll likely grab something tomorrow in the makeup brush section of the dollar store or somewhere.


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For whites I use Andrea White Set, superb coverage and all the shades and highlights in the set.



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42 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

For whites I use Andrea White Set, superb coverage and all the shades and highlights in the set.



I don't have those, although I've been tempted to look into finding somewhere to get them....


I have the FFG SW Legion paints (which are really AP, I'm pretty sure) so I'll be trying out the hopefully aptly named Stormtrooper White.


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15 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Just kind of slathered it everywhere.

Sounds like something I would do!

I’ve noticed white take a coat or two to get it where it needs to be.

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