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My neck hasn't been very happy lately, so I've been doing cleaning and assembly instead.


Rebel Fleet Troopers



Rebel Commandos.


Neck is finally feeling ok, so got the heavy gun guy mostly caught up to the other two of the remaining Veterans.



Hope to get the Veterans finished soon, so I can get back to my Imps.

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Finally back at these guys.



Getting there.  Still need to do faces, goggles, gloves, black wash on guns and then metal highlighting, metal details and rank things on arms.
Then the rest of the small bases, and putting together the big gun.
Hoping to get them finished up by the end of the weekend, so I can get back to painting black and white......


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Getting too warm now (we're in the middle of a "heat wave"....a Canadian heat wave, so all y'all down south wouldn't understand :poke:) for comfortable painting so will probably not get back at them until tomorrow.


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Huh, thought I posted the next day.....oh well.

I did not get them finished.  I did get all the little details done, even though I could feel my shoulder threatening to twing for the last half hour or so...

It eventually got too hot again to do more work, so I left the bases.


Monday night my shoulder decided to completely spaz out. I could barely get out of bed.  Not sure what triggered it, but it took some work to get it settled, so today is my first day back holding a brush.

I cleaned up the two little bases and gave them another coat, then washed them with nuln oil.  The big base finally got assembled and textured.  Letting that dry non, then I'll add a few rocks and should have them finished up fairly quickly.



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