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Elliwyn Heatherlark - Gnome Bard 77164

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After the rather involved Vlad project I thought of painting something a tad less complicated. 


I chose Elliwyn Heatherlark, the Bones version that is. It is a simple conversion with a weapon swap, new sheath and ultimately a cut-off monster head in her hand. 


I will go heavy on weathering and signs of recent battle to contrast the diminutive appearance of Elliwyn. 


So far I finished the green overcoat and her face.  Army Painter Glistening Blood Effect came in handy. I also tried to add a subtle texture to the overcoat. 


C&C as always welcome. IMG_20200105_010121.thumb.jpg.edab109c97cb2d120aa75500f8bd4712.jpgIMG_20200105_010221.thumb.jpg.b73b4dddfd04feb24db2cbf424f1c846.jpg

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Thank you, glad you like her so far. The base is not finished yet and will be a forest one. That said it looks rather snowy. Plain construction glue dabbed on with XPS flagstones. 

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Some more work put into her hair and the Gnoll head in her hand. I will add more fur to it,  so she can hold it by the bushel. 


I am thinking about giving her freckles to round off the red hair look. What do you guys think? 




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I put some more time into her and changed my head plans: The Gnoll would always face down, so I will go for an orc head with dreadlocks or something. Maybe something Predator like. Other than that worked more on the metals and the leather. I want to highlight the face a tad more and add freckles. 



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On 1/14/2020 at 3:33 PM, Peithetairos said:

Maybe something Predator like

Now how did an alien get into a fantasy setting? And how did she kill one of those?:blink:  
Great work!

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I thought more of the hair style,  you know some dreadlocks and that combined with an orc head. So maybe the chieftain sports such a hairdo. I won't make it a 1 to 1 Predator, even so I am a big fan of the design. Maybe with another mini. 

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I decided to give my Gnome fighter a slightly more exotic monster in its hand: a Nure-onna,  basically a snake with a human head. I will add long hair and then it is finished.


So no Orc head. I think this is a bit more interesting and also adds stability to the miniature, as the chopped of part rests on the base. 



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Getting to the finishing line with the Nure-onna. I added some hair yesterday, but might add more volume. I think the creature turned out suitably grotesque and disturbing. I think I might sculpt  a living one,  too. Maybe even from scratch. 


The colour scheme will be interesting. Black hair with green scales and skin or maybe red scales and skin? 




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