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CMON and Spinmaster Games - Marvel United

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I'm going to need more storage space   

I hope it is miniature less. Chibi and Marvel will be my downfall. Trying to swear off CMON due to their other projects and the stupidly expensive shipping.

Good thing they have minis because the gameplay looks fairly uninteresting. So many KS exclusives it hurts.  It is clear how they want to drag you in on this.  Seven heroes (so far) you can only g

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This is definitely looking like it might be more expensive than I'd originally planned.. I think the only expansion I haven't been interested in was the Black Panther add on but since it comes with the $90 pledge I guess it doesn't matter.. 

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I caved and broke my personal rule about pledging for a game just for its miniatures.  Went mostly all in; just not getting the play mat or cardboard tiles.


Edit:  I didn't really have much chance resisting.  This checked a lot of boxes for, chibi and Marvel being the two highest.

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Well, they got to Spidey 2099 after all.  Howard the Duck, too!


I think I've made my Will save, though.  I'm not even bothered by the inclusion of Squirrel Girl.  She's a fan favorite, I know, but she just annoys me.  And that Ghost Rider doesn't look like Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch...

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I've been a bit surprised and disappointed by some of the more recent unlocks. Spider-Woman and Rhino seem sort of anticlimactic after so many cool and/or popular unlocks earlier in the campaign. TBH, I was hoping for an Agent Coulson, Agent Peggy Carter, or maybe Rescue. But, I'll be getting the whole thing, as I think it's probably more than worth the cost and looks like it'll be a fun game for my friends and I to play. The minis are cute, too. Not sure how soon they'll be painted, but it's something different from my typical minis, that's for sure.

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I held strong.  I didn't want to succumb to their strategy of KS exclusives.  It is just annoying.  Also, the game looks mediocre at best (it may play better), and the minis, though cool, are so unnecessary is hurts.

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