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I need a Lamassu mini. Do you guys have one or know where I can get one?

Larry Hudspeth

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Welcome to the forum!


You could try Ebay for the old Games Workshop Lammasu from their Chaosdwarf minis.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lammasu miniature


@ratsmitglied maybe you can help out? The female sphinx from Flying Goat might be something useful here?

Maybe this is also of use?

The Old Grenadier Manticore?

You can get it from Mirliton Miniatures as well and is not that expensive.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor grenadier manticore

Or search Ebay for the Ral Partha one, Maybe Ironwind Metals still has it?



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I think we may need a bit more info about the style of Lamassu you're after - Bull, Lion, Male, Female - you can probably look to Sphinx miniatures as well (such as the reaper ones). Perhaps linking or adding a picture that matches your idea of a Lamassu would be helpful (I think of the Mythological ones, other people may think of the D&D ones)


This is the Sphinx that @Glitterwolf mentioned, it's a 3d model so can be scaled to fit whatever size is needed, she's designed to fit on a 40mm square base.


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