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Bones IV Serena (Dreadmir Campaign)

Dr Boom

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I may have been somewhat influenced in my painting for this one by a certain costumed television superhero. If I ever get my hands on another Serena I think a minor conversion to have her holding a shotgun, police badge and wearing a rosary belt might be in order.




Serena's role in the Dreadmir Campaign:


A mystery to most in town, Serena slips like a ghost through the night. A cat burglar who specialises in “impossible” heists, Serena is only glimpsed when she allows it, and then only to increase her notoriety. No-one in Dreadmir suspects that Serena is in reality Svetlana, one of the serving girls at the Lean-to who finds her next mark by listening in to drunken conversations around the bar.

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