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MSP Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints: Set #5


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Before folks get excited about more paints ... which I find quite exciting ... let me ask for information.  I swear I saw some sort of upcoming release for a fifth set of Bones paints, but I cannot now find it.  And, the first four sets cover basically all of the Bones paints, which would indicate no fifth set is forthcoming.


So, is there a Set #5 soon to appear?  Or is that Set #5 just a mirage seen in my unending quest for new colors?

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As per @Reaper_Jon's news post, it is scheduled to release this month.


It looks like (but I could be wrong, since the letters are so small) it will contain Skeleton Key and Dungeon Grey from the second Dungeon Dwellers set and then Reaper MSP HD colors that have been ported to the Bones line, e.g. Dragon Blue.


Skeleton Key and Dungeon Grey are the only two Dungeon Dwellers set paints that aren't available to be bought singly at this time.  I wonder if this will change after set 5 comes out.

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42 minutes ago, Highlander said:

So, these are not new, but existing paints, available in other ways than #5?


Yes and No.  The MSP HD line was discontinued roughly a year ago.  Some may still be found on the shelf of a FLGS, but they are not freely available to purchase at will.


The colors included with Bones Set #5 are the popular HD colors being brought back under the Bones paint line.  Each color is getting a new SKU number as well.

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