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Okay, Day 2 update: This went through A LOT of iteration. The main issues that weren't working were that we wanted the bent leg to feel like it was out and raised like she was showing off the leg

Sorry I didn't get around to posting the final render of this last lady of the evening.   I wanted to talk a little bit about why this last figure took so long and demystify the work

Hey guys! Okay, so I wrapped up this Orc Doxie today. When all the big construction decisions and head are already finalized the only thing left to do is render. This is a time consuming process but a

Posted Images

These are gorgeous!! As always, I love the glimpses into the artist's mind. Funny, I don't feel the same when I write about my learning processes. ::D:


On 1/24/2020 at 9:24 AM, Rainbow Sculptor said:

It was this elusive magical unicorn person who could actually do that. I'm not a magical unicorn person, but I did have to learn a lot of new and often uncomfortable mindset and lifestyle changes that facilitate and make working this way even possible. I want to share those techniques when I can so that people know it's not impossible, just often difficult.

Thanks for sticking with me and for all the support and feedback. It truly means a lot to me <3

This is absolutely why I made my "Mori Learns Sculpting" threads. I wanted to be a sculptor and I didn't just magically start out as one. I wanted people to see that they can make it! You've been doing such a fantastic job with teaching through your posts lately, and this last post of yours has captured it all perfectly. :wub:

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Okay! I've got a few projects going sort of going simultaneously but I've been working on the Doxie bed. We are wanting to add a fourth doxie that could be seated on the bed.  Knowing that ahead of time I'm planning for a relatively flat area that she'll fit into with minimal distortion to her model. The bed is made of salvaged ship parts so we've got some fun splintered wood, coiled rope, and figureheads that make up the posts. Here is the original concept art by Izzy "Talin" Collier:


We are planning for a three piece model (Headboard, Foot board, and mattress). There were some changes that would need to be made for casting reasons but in my discussions with Izzy she really wanted to find a way to keep the little rat on top of the bed post. As long as we position it in a way to easily come out of the mold we should be able to keep it! The mermaid's lantern is a little trickier. Although it would easily come out of the mold, the thin connection point would not hold up well in Bones material and would likely end up in easy warping so we're gonna move that in closer to the body so we can bolster the support. 

First thing we needed to decide was the size/scale of the bed. We wanted to go for a roughly Twin sized bed, so a little wider than a single figure. I laid the orc Doxie on top to give a rough estimate:

542834239_Bedsizequestion.JPG.db38a525888cc6dbfd4517676f51a4a8.JPG We needed to make it a few mm thinner than this but it was a good start. 

The easy thing to start with was the foot board posts as they were just wood textured posts with rope around them. I wanted to get the little rat blocked in there too to give me a little character to play with.

For the mermaid figure head I took my ZSphere model and deleted the parts I didn't need, posing the arm closer to the body for the added support.

66703296_MermaidshipheadZSpheres.JPG.48d20c8fe9e09d73959243b904a9e34d.JPG We want to make sure this reads as an object and not as a real person so I want to make sure the facial features are overly simplistic, more carved than usual. I'm also simplifying any anatomy delineations of the figure. The "tail" area was just a tapered sphere that I carved a cross pattern into.


1913158514_WIP1.JPG.9450132cac262aed149be1f3aa6ba334.JPG This was where we ended on day 1. 

Areas still needed to work on: The Mr. Bones figure head for the final post, the details of the mattress/blankets, and the head board. Some final detail touch up s to the lantern and the rat and we should be able to wrap this one up!

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5 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

How long do you think it will take for someone to create full scale version of this bed for their child's room? 

Dude! That would be so amazingly epic. I would love to see that!


So I finished up the Doxie bed today, sorry for not updating yesterday. At the end of my workday yesterday we had all the major pieces blocked out and some of them finished. It looks "finished" almost at this stage but there's a lot of tedious detailing and polishing to do before it's truly complete.


I didn't really take any WIP shots today because, like i said, it was mostly just detailing and cleaning things up. I added a face and a hand to the Reaper figure, another layer of blankets and a couple of pillows to the bed, some scroll work to the headboard, and little touch ups all over. 


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3 minutes ago, GHarris said:

Out of curiosity did you make the eyebrows a separate subtool on your doxies?


Yes, I make each eyebrow it's own subtool (an elongated sphere that's mushed/carved into shape)

They are usually one of the last elements I add to the face after hammering out all the symmetrical components and eyes

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Interesting! I am always torn about whether to sculpt in eyebrows or just let the painter paint them in., and I fight against the "is this even going to show up on the print?" feeling. I usually do a compromise and do a heavy raise area along the brow ridge but I may try your separate subtool trick. Thanks Christine!

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Starting on the fourth Doxie. Since Izzy only designed 3, I have a lot of room to play with character design for this last one. We really liked the diversity of the original group and wanted the last installment to expand on that without feeling different simply for the sake of being different. We discussed doing a teifling or an elf. The teifling seemed a little too shoehorned but we liked the idea of an elf or half elf. We still wanted her to feel distinctly different than the human doxie we already had so we discussed an alternative ethnicity since half elves could have been a combination of any human ethnicity. I really wanted to try doing a more Asian character simply because I hadn't tried it before and it seemed like a distinct challenge to portray well given the level of exaggeration it takes to translate well at scale. Knowing that it may not work, and we could have to restart if it wasn't reading well, I set to work designing my Asian doxie. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is no better reference for simplifying and understanding exaggeration than Disney and comics. I pulled up images of Mulan to see how they were exaggerating features to read as Asian. I got references from both the original movie and from the new clips of her from Wreck it Ralph where they did some redesigning to make all the characters fit together in the same world.


They've got an extreme exaggeration going for the upward tilt/angle of her eyes, very very high cheekbones, an elongated flatter nose, and I liked the plumpness of her lips in the original movie. I also gathered some real life references to see what else i could learn and incorporate.


The shallow depth of the eye sockets, high cheekbones, plump yet narrow lips, and the chin that is pointed with a distinct ball stood out to me. These 3/4 view images really help to give you a sense of depth and a good check when you're working in 3D to turn it to a similar angle and make sure the forms are flowing in the same way. So here's the face I designed based on all of that:


I slightly elongated the ears to try out a half elf and I noticed i needed to make the forehead less sloped in order to really match some of my references. I had already posed my ZSpheres and positioned it on the bed where I intend for her to sit so I put the head in there and added some basic shapes for costuming. I really wanted to give her that flat flowing hair. 



I ran this by Ron and he said that we were going to have to exaggerate the ears further in order to translate at all so we're going full elf. He had some concerns with the posing, that it could read as too unnatural or uncomfortable but he's pretty hands off on this one and trusts me to bring it all together. One thing to note is that when doing seated figures or figures in crouched or scrunched positions of any kind you need to further exaggerate their size, especially in the legs. This was something that came up with a couple of the vampire monsters I did for the KS and again here. We need to really ramp up sizing so that when produced she doesn't feel too small compared to the other figures. 
I'm currently not super happy with the costuming and I may play with the pose a little more too, i'm not too sure yet. Going to let this one ruminate a bit more in my head before problem solving further. 


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It might be the angle of the picture, but it looks like her left thigh is almost parallel with her torso. I realize flexibility is a core job skill in her line of work, but that still looks difficult. Maybe if her foot were resting on the ledge below the mattress, or on one of the coils of rope it might read better? Lovely face on this one, and on all her colleagues!

I really liked the mooring-post bedposts with the rat--hope the generic bed doesn't replace them entirely! 

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      Assembled my crew and prepped and primed them. 
      Two clopsen troopers, a lizardman recruit, sniper and another recruit/ chisler.

      A gnoll commando, medic and recruit, and a cultist recruit/hacker and trooper.
      Edit: It is a bit funny that My crew isn't using much of the actual Stargrave miniatures other than a few arms and guns, but then this is just the first crew, and I'll need some ruffians and pirates as well.
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      List of materials
      - Pygmy mammoth https://www.reapermini.com/search/mammoth/latest/44111
      - Shadoweyes Catfolk rogue https://www.reapermini.com/search/cat rogue/latest/44118
      - Adventuring accessories https://www.reapermini.com/search/02638
      - Adventuring accessories II https://www.reapermini.com/search/02963
      - green stuff (I used the silicone sculpting brushes and vaseline to get this level of detail)
      - little bottles from Michaels or Joann
      - phosphorescent plastic (I used the plastic support for the dino pieces from JARU, Inc. Dino World Glow Fossils - no dino pieces were harmed in the making of this mini)
      Here are more close up photos.

      And here is the making process.

      He even has a uvula :)

      I chopped off the platform and the swords from the rogue cat. And then I cut off its legs and tail so i could reposition them on top of the mammoth.

      And then I summoned the green stuff.

      It was really hard to detach the sacks from their metal anchor. I was basically chewing away at the metal with my pliers. But eventually they came off.

      Priming this was challenging.

      I sealed the base with a heavy layer of gloss sealer later on.

      Invoking more green stuff, this time for the cape, blanket edges and the harnesses.

      I used the cap on one of my new brushes to support the rolled up corner of the cape overnight otherwise it would have fallen flat. I smeared it with vaseline so it wouldn't stick and become a problem once the green stuff dried.

      Sculpted the edges of the blanket because just painting the dangly threads on the mammoth looked flat and most unsatisfactory.

      I think I'll name her Shen. And have her wreck havoc for my players in my D&D campaigns.

      I don't have photos for the harnesses because after staring at this mini for so long I got dizzy and had to lie down. And then I forgot to take pics and I finished the piece. The harnesses are just twisted long strips of green stuff. I measured the distance from the tusk to the hand and then made them and let them dry before attaching them.
      Hope you enjoyed this build :)
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      Well 2020 is over and even though the year wasn't so great I did get my dragon goal of 12 dragons completed (actually completed 15 !) So with the new year I'm looking to try it again.
      The last year I did a bunch of dragons from all eras a d makes.  This year I think I will make the challenge a little more specific.  This year I'll try for 12 dragons from defunct companies: grenadier, Ral Partha, Thunderbolt Mountain, heritage, and others that are no longer producing today.  Whether i include minis from companies that died recently, im not sure (and I  know Ral Partha lives on as Iron Wind and Grenadier lives on as Merltion?  But I'm including them because its my challenge and the ones I have are the originals. 
      That said the first piece I did was the Bridge of Sorrows.  It came out really well so I let my better half look through my old boxed sets and she chose the next one:  Clutch of Fear!
      This is another mini that I have had sitting in its box waiting for decades to be completed and its time has come (besides if I really mess up they have started recasting the molds again so its not an utter disaster. Also, since i have this one in the original box, I thought i would do a WIP to show how it goes.
      Here is what it look like when I opened the box...

      All the parts are there, including the instructions (more on those in the future) and an "inspected by 3" as well as assembly instructions.
      Hope you all enjoy the ride.  I'll try to be diligent with updates.
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      So anyone who follows my planned goals for hobbying/painting in the Speed Painting subforum knows that I don't fair very well when it comes to monthly goals; I barely got one month's goal done last year. So this year I've decided to give myself a bit of leeway: an entire year to try to complete five hobby goals from 25 possibilities. The idea was inspired from Rob Hawkins' blog, that I've sporadically read for a few years.

      I've tried to tailor my card to areas in which I typically struggle yet still retain some fun, as well as to make sure that no path to victory is entirely easy for me. Given that I finished no models last year, this should still prove quite a challenge for me.
      A couple squares are time sensitive goals. To provide myself with a bit more incentive, I've decided to incorporate some health goals into the mix should I fail to achieve them. For example, if I'm attempting the assembly of 10 model in under a week, however many models I fall short by equals a number of physical exercises. I'm looking forward to it (both the exercise and getting through some of my stash).
      I'll do my best to post here so you all can keep me honest. Don't be afraid to ask me about my progress!
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