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So, I don't typically do well at WIPs, but I'm gonna give it my best shot here, since I'm painting two waves of minis for this, and it's critical I remember what paints I'm using so the waves look similar. 

After finishing up (most of) my kobold pile (which I will at some point post, I promise!) I've decided to move on to another common humanoid mob, to pump me up to eventually work on my Gnolls and Orcs (hah!) Thus, I'm starting on my small mountain of Pathfinder Goblins! I have roughly 20 of these, and that's not just goblin maths - as far as I can tell, that's what I've got, though I do need to dig through my scrap pile one more time to look for stragglers. The goal is to take a week or two, tops, to paint all these... although We Shall See. I may get through Wave 1 and take a break, IDK.


I have:


Two full sets of 60017: Goblin Pyros

60014: Goblin Commando on Dog, plus a second, riderless Dog

Two sets of 60006: Goblin Warriors, with only one of the Goblins who has a spear and sword, and an extra jumping Goblin 

And three extra Archers from 60006, to give me a couple more ranged warriors.


All of these, if the SKUs didn't make it clear, are the metal versions. I painted the Bones ones a long time ago - I'll see if I can dig them out at some point, maybe for the Show Off thread.


If I'm feeling ambitious, I wouldn't mind grabbing a few more of the riders, plus the 60018: Goblin Warchanter to round out the group a little. Also, I have a LOT of 03621: Gremlins somewhere, which may get based up 2-3 to a base as some kind of roachy kid goblins, since they're pretty simular in appearance to the PF gobbos.


So, to start with this crew, I based 12 of them (my first wave) - all of the standing goblins except the archers, the side-spearmen, and the rider & dogs. My usual basing - display 30mm bases, with greenstuff pressed in and textured with a toothbrush, then the slotta pressed through and cleaned up. After that cured while I was at work, I hit them with a white primer basecoat.


Next, I filled the eyes in roughly with Cavalier Orange. After giving that a chance to dry, I tidied them up with a border of Hodag Green, a nice dark cameo green that went on opaque, which will be darker than my eventual skintone.


I then hit each mouth with Milani Rose, a darker-than-flesh pink that I plan to darken with a wash to detail the mouths.


After that, I went on to some gear, since I was just blocking things in at this point. Goblins with caps got a coat of XX63 "p Red", one of my first red bottles, which has a destroyed label - I suspect it's Deep Red - the color I used for the caps on my original Bones Goblins. Goblins with blades (most of them, honestly) got a coat of Dark Elf Shadow, a dark purple that is going to form the base layer for the TMM I plan to use for these guys - most likely P3's Pig Iron. I also hit the torches with a layer of Cavalier Orance to start building them up for the eventual yellows and reds they're going to receive (I know that fire is red outside and yellow inside, but I'm going to ignore that, since the fire on these feels kind of weird to paint.)



The Redcaps


IMG_20200109_211722407.thumb.jpg.8bcb9bd392a43f2c173aa1be18709c9f.jpgThe Pyros


Closeup, with everything painted so far

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      SHE BE QUEEN!!!
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      At once, in a blaze of dizzying blue light, Master Bumplegut threw off his disguise and offered Leena a place in the guild where she could hone her craft and become a true master. The price for admission? The guild had need of a rare element known as Heavy Suruptanium, only found deep in the land of M’Kyarr, the home of the goblin lords. If she could recover a “shoe’s worth†of the element, she would be admitted to the guild with full honors. It was a dangerous task, but the lure of the guild was a grand reward. She accepted on the spot.

      Deep within the goblin territory, Leena used her skill to convince two brave (and silly!) goblins that she was indeed the long awaited Goblin Queen of Prophecy, and required a great, greenish throne to sit on. One long and awkward journey later, Kragg and Scrum delivered her to the source of the rare element, echoing their joyous proclamation to all who would listen: “SHE BE QUEEN! SHE BE QUEEN!â€

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      I attempted several firsts while putting this diorama together:
      1. I experimented with a black stain. I think it came out pretty good, although I think given more time, I'd have figured out a way to put gold flakes in the recesses... Hmmmmm...
      2. I painted my first fire! I was concerned that it wouldn't come out that great, but for a first attempt, I'm pretty satisfied. I didn't throw in OSL, but I do have a class coming up at ReaperCon!
      3. I got to use my rust effects. I'd made rust a while back and figured the goblins would be ideal to try them out on. They worked, but I think I may have gotten carried away! A lot of the metallics I put into the work ended up brown. LOL!
      4. I was pleased with the wasted metal look on the "Heavy Suruptanium." They're just chunks of cork left over from the "Mothers" diorama, gesso'd and painted with Scale 75 metallics... and rust effects...
      Anyhoo, here are way too many pics...








      Leena Close-Up:

      Scrum Close-Up (sorry he's a bit blurry):

      Kragg Close-Up:

      At any rate, it was a lot of fun, and I hope Samurai Jack enjoys it! Comments and questions are always appreciated and encouraged! Thanks for reading!
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