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So I finally fell into the temptation and got my first ground based sci fi minis!(I do have spaceships.) 

A Cataphract, conquerer , and a halberd by Reaper minis came in with my horsman today! Sadly the halberd is missing a piece so it may in end up being returned. :down:

So my first order of business was a small conversion to the cataphract

Before conversion


And the conquerer has donated the necessary parts for said conversion, specifically his smaller missile pods.


A bit of work with an exacto knife removed said weapons.


And a bit more exacto work to make a spot for the pods on the Cataphract.


Some super glue to assemble the cataphract and voila! It is time for paint!



And don’t worry about the Conquerer, I have a conversion in mind for it too. It just might not be a true mech when I’m done.......



More sci-fi stuff to come soon I hope!

And maybe just maybe I’ll try to make a backstory for these guys.

Thankyou for looking! 


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Let Reaper know about the Halberd and they will replace it. Did you have 2 left arms by any chance?

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I will have to remember that thankyou. I have everything for the halberd save the body, someone suggested getting a potato for the arms and legs.:lol:

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Well I’ve already started talking to the seller, so probably not, sorry. You could try converting one arm for the other side.

Did some painting on the mech.

base coat



Got some chipping Medium today so I’m giving it a try.




Thanks for looking!

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So I gotta little carried away and forgot to take pictures... so its gotten a lot of work done on it.


I was going to leave it od green but I decided to do it in a woodland instead.C4F3BB11-7ED4-477F-ACC4-7281030CF78C.jpeg.546edd38338ed47ada4b76faf4de1670.jpeg


I apologize about the quality of the first picture.






I’m not really a big fan of the base it came with so I am going to be using a knockout from and electrical box.





Thanks for looking!


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6 hours ago, Corsair said:

As top heavy as that one is, the extra weight will definitely be useful.

That is one of the reasons I like using knockouts so much, nice and heavy. Works great on metal miniatures too.


I decided to take a file to the base to make it hexagonal. This way if I decide to play a game requiring them I’l be able to use this miniature. Next time I’ll take the time to set up my grinder though.




I added some air dry clay to the base to even things out. 



My next task is to finish the base and add some wash to the panel lines. 

After this mech is done I’ll try to figure out what I want to do with the conquerer.


Thanks for looking! 

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I must admit that @Glitterwolf and his Lost world WIP thread is the inspiration for doing this one. Hopefully these will be as enjoyable as his have been. 
Battle of Karn: Part 1

High orbit




Captain Norm sat in his command chair of the Q.E.S. Shadow blade a stealth destroyer overlooking the planet below. The Shadow Blade had been in the system for almost two weeks now gathering intelligence on the Alliance fleet in the system. Periodically the Shadow or another stealth destroyer would move to the edge of the system to send a burst message out, and receive new orders. The latest set of orders authorized the operation.

“Five minutes until we begin our run Captain”

The captain nodded his acknowledgment. “Is fire control ready with the special ordinance?”

“Yes Captain.”

“And is the signal package correct and ready for burst transmission?”

“All preparations are ready Sir.”

“Very good, Helmsman You may begin your run when ready.”



Commodore Max Monova Stood on the bridge of the Flagship A.W.S Fury watching the fleet go through it early morning routines. A short distance away he could see frigates moving  out of orbit to go out on a patrol while a destroyer group docked with the star base to resupply.

Further away he could see an orbital defense station as it circled the planet.

“Good morning Commodore, How is the fleet doing?” Said Admiral Frederick as he came up beside Max.

“Everything is running smoothly, the wolfpack squadron is heading out on a patrol now, Admiral.” Max replied.

“Very Good Commodore, carry on.”

“Yes Sir.” Max began to wander around the bridge checking on the various stations. Passing by one of the sensor stations he noticed its operator rapidly typing buttons and focusing hard on the screen.

“Something wrong” Max asked.

“I keep picking up something up Sir, but it could be nothing more than sensor ghosts.”the Operator replied.

“You seem awfully concerned about something that could be nothing more than ghosts.” Max stated.

“Well Sir, stealth vessels under thrust would leave such sensor ghosts. I believe it is safe to say such vessels are not ours, Sir”

“That would be a wise assumption to make.” Max thought about it for a moment. “Send your data to the other stations see if you all can find out what is causing these sensor ghosts.”

“Yes Sir” Said the operator turning back to his work. Max returned to the back of the bridge where the admiral was sitting in his command chair.

“Trouble?” The Admiral asked.

“Possible stealth ship.” Max replied. “I have the sensor crew working on it now.”

“Stealth craft. Best let the rest of....” The Admiral was suddenly interrupted by a shout from the communications officer.


“What happened?” Frederick asked.

“Shieldtron reported a number of explosions against her hull, her defenses did not detect any incoming munitions.”

“A dead launch” Max said. Frederick nodded his agreement, a dead launch was when a warhead was launched without using its propulsion system. It required a warship to aline itself perfectly with the target during its launch, but if performed correctly it was almost impossible to detect. And there was only one reason to do something like that.

“Sir we just had two contacts come out of hyperspace into low orbit, they appear to be entering the atmosphere.” the sensor officer reported

“Commodore, send a warning down to Minerva, let them know they have company coming.” Admiral Frederick ordered. “Then have the fleet go to battlestations, I believe we will have company ourselves here soon.”

“Yes Sir. Communications give Minerva a heads up and signal the fleet, all hands to battlestations.”



Thanks for reading!

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Ooohhh, I like that!


Great story and you just set yourself up to paint all sorts of Scifi troops.

Ships, landing parties, troopers, maybe some terrain?


You mentioned my thread, I hope you noticed how soon it became larger than I first intented.

I suspect you will see this happening here as well.

As the story develops you will get more ideas for things to build and paint and you can count on forumites to share their ideas with you.


This has the ability to become an epic thread!

Get the creative juices flowing, this is wonderful!


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15 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Ships, landing parties, troopers, maybe some terrain?

Fortunately I already have a decent space fleet. Probably big enough that it would take all day to play a game with all of it! I do want to expand my 6mm ground forces though. 

7 hours ago, Corsair said:

Loved the story, but next time please use a larger font!

Thankyou for the compliment Corsair and thanks for mentioning the font, I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise! I suspect the culprit was the copy and paste I did. I’ll see how I can avoid this in the future. 

Edited by Standifer
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I got the replacement Halberd in today. So in the vein of Chop shop, I did some conversion work on it and the conquerer. Be warned this part has a lot of picture.

Before conversation work.


The first victim was the Conquerer, I added a pair of thrusters to the back.


Then I added some fins to the thrusters from the missiles.4A969246-18F1-4D02-8251-2AC64783D403.jpeg.b54b82920e02382f5156ae5400a57772.jpeg

Separated the feet, then used a heat gun to soften the plastic enough for me to bend the legs into the new position. It does Look like it in the first picture but it looks better when the feet were mounted.


Glued the feet together in the new position and attached the legs.


After going through my small bits collection I found something to use for the new guns.


I neglected to take as many pictures of the halberd but it got new armor plating and a shoulder mounted cannon.


Here they are together.




Time for primer!

Thanks for looking!


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      I love dioramas, and I've been pretty happy with the few I've made. BUT I always put off getting started and then end up rushing over Christmas to get everything done.
      So this year I'm starting in January (if just barely) so that I will hopefully get some stuff done before December.
      I've had the idea for this diorama since the very first moment I saw my first "sneak preview" of Khanjira (that would have been approximately Fri, Oct 25, 2013, 7:57 PM ADT, according to when I got the email from Kickstarter).
      My first though was something like "What a beast! Imagine if he was fighting something from a smaller scale, like CAV...."
      So that has been bouncing around in my head ever since.  
      Then I was messaging with @Pochi a few weeks ago about the contests and got talking about dioramas, and I mentioned this idea, and she said I HAD to do it.....so here we are. 
      Basic concept is the classic Kaiju attacking a future city harbour. CAVs (any or all of tanks, vehicles, mechs, infantry, maybe even aircraft) defending. (I briefly considered going even smaller scale as I have quite a bit of 6mm stuff too, but CAVs are easier to work with,  I have about a billion of them, and they are awesome).
      Today was a beginning.  I grabbed some stuff and laid it out just to get an idea of a size I'm going to want.

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      The box is just a reference for the land, glasses are just some buildings.  I'm picturing something similar to the Halifax waterfront with boardwalks or something and docks/jetties (the grey upside down drawer represents) and then big buildings. Army will be in place along the waterfront, so some barricades and stuff. Possibly a trench of energy blasted ruin from the "breath weapon" if I think I can pull that off.  Again, we'll see.
      So just from the mock up, this is going to be fairly massive...like approaching 2 foot kind of dimensions 
      Not something I would do if I was following advice on building award winning dioramas, but then that's not what I'm focusing on.  I just want to make the image in my mind a reality, and I'm using the contest deadline to hopefully focus me.
      I'm also going to have to learn to do a bunch of new stuff for this, which should be fun!
      Step one will be to dig out my other Khanjira and start cleaning up up.  And decide on what I'm going to use for a base for this thing.....
    • By Corsair
      If you like scifi, this looks like a good one and reasonably priced too.
    • By Standifer
      This is a Cataphract mech by Reaper minis from Cav with added missile pods from a conquerer mech.
      Paints used: 
      Vallejo paints
      white surface primer
      Olive Green 
      Dark Brown
      Oily Steel,
      Testors paints,
      Gi. Red
      Flat steel
      Model Masters paints,
      Gun Metal,
      Burnt Iron
      Other colors
      Burnt Umber 
      and Black.
      Man! I didn’t realize I used that many colors on this thing!
      Enough about paint! Time for pictures!

      I have enjoyed painting this up and even got to try something new. 
      Thankyou for looking and feel free to offer constructive critiques!
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