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It does doesn’t it? I kinda like the war hammer, so The halberd might be slightly made to resemble  it.

Anywho a few more pictures!

On the halberd I am trying to go for a more tiger stripe look compared to the cataphract, while I’m trying to do a more lunar style camo for my low gravity conquerer


Got the halberd mostly done in these pictures. The conquerer got most of the camouflage done, just need to finish the glow effects and the canopy. I may add some smoke trails behind the thrusters to make it look like it is taking off.






Thanks for looking!

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Haven't been able to do a whole lot but I added some kill marks  to the halberd and found a way to do some flames for the conquerer. 



Still learning to do glow effects.

Thanks for looking!

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A short bit of story until I can get some more pictures of models. 

Battle of Karn

Karn System, Minerva groundside military installation. 


  Alarms blared, red lights flashed as Captain “Groundbreaker” Judah Amburn  rushed to his waiting mech. Coming to his mech he stepped onto a lift which go up to the cockpit. Judah jammed his helmet onto his head and pulled on his gloves as the lift began to ascend. The second the lift stopped he was barreling down the catwalk to the cockpit where a tech waited to help him get strapped in. Dropping down into his seat the tech lowered the mechanical restraints while Judah brought the mech’s systems online. The tech closed the canopy and knocked on it, Judah gave him a good to go thumbs up which the tech returned. His job finished the tech ran back down the catwalk which began retracting out of the way. Once the catwalk was clear, Judah hit the throttle sending his modified Cataphract class mech out of the hanger into the daylight.

“Groundbreaker to Wildcat, radio check over.” Judah sent over the team comm.

“Wildcat to Groundbreaker, Radio check out.” Came the reply from his wingmate Lieutenant “Wildcat” Thomas Harrison.

“Form up and lets get rolling Wildcat. Groundbreaker over.”

“Copy that, over.” Acknowledged Thomas bringing up his Halberd mech up beside Judah. Together the two mech Gamma team began to make their way to the power plant which fed the planetary defense shield.

“Groundbreaker to Commander, what is the sitrep on the enemy forces?” Judah asked over the command channel.

“Command to Groundbreaker, Two planetary assault Frigates are on approach. One is on a projected landing near the Neon Power plant and the other near the planetary shield generator. The 65th armored cav is enroute to power station and the generator. Gamma is to intercept and delay the enemy ground forces until the the 65th is in position.”

“Copy that Command, Groundbreaker over and out.” Judah said. “What do you think Wildcat divide and conquer?”

“Risky, but most likely our best bet of slowing them down. Let’s do it.” Thomas replied.

“Alright, good hunting Wildcat. Over”

“Go Crack some hulls Groundbreaker. Over and out.” The two mechs split each angling for their target’s projected landing zone. Judah went crashing through the forest pushing branches aside and bowling smaller trees over completely, his hub showing the enemy’s landing zone and the assault ship’s eta. In the distance he could see the fireball as it descended.



Thanks for Reading!

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The Halberd is now done! I will post a Show off of it later. The conquerer is not there yet but its getting closer.

I found some red metal flake for the cockpit. 


My first attempt at making a cockpit more realistic. Needs some more work I’ll admit.




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Got a little work done on the LGC conquerer mostly improving the cockpit glass.


Also decided to do something else to the halberd that is supposed to be done.......


Had some magnets floating around from my flames of war sherman set I put them to use. The left arm arm can now be swapped between lasers and another gattling gun. I plan to hunt down some more magnets and do the other arm the same way.


And a package came in the mail today!

A group of Alt Armies SPGs from their Bradley 6mm line. With hedge cutters from the same Sherman tank set glued to the front.


Tank destroyers also from Alt Armies.


And finally some Reaper Cav miniatures a pair of malefactors and dingos. 


For those who are interested here is a size comparison shot.  The squares on the mat are 1”.




Thanks for looking!



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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Yes! More Armour will come too! I love armored vehicles. I believe the term is Tread head.:lol:

Primed and base coat started.



And some camouflage started on the Alt armies miniatures.


Thanks for looking!

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Another update. 

Added a lighter shade of brown stripes to the SPGs, and worked on making the lines a little more crisp. Also painted the guns and the platforms on the back.




Added some black to the Tyros’ camouflage. Also painted the guns and added some glow effects on the barrels and the view ports on the cupolas. Start working on the tracks using oily steel by Vallejo and a wash.




Thanks for looking!

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Finally got a chance to do some painting.

Mostly touch up on the spgs. I did paint the road wheels. 


Started working on the camouflage on one of the Malfactors. 

The Tyros’ got some touch up and some detail work.



The dingos finally got the first coat of olive drab green. 

Thanks for looking!CC8CB2CD-6559-4A20-B2E8-837B4712F27B.jpeg.baff6e59e3a8ebebe24e8b8edf03fbb0.jpeg

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