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Galladoria Games

Galladoria Games "For The Terrain!"

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Looks like there might be some sci-fi like scatter in there too.  Definitely looking forward to such, doubly so if various elements can be used on an Infinity table ^_^

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Nice. Hope there's minimal overlap with Mantic's Terrain Crate KS -- although I could sure use more traps for Gloomhaven!


What terrain does everyone want? 


EDIT: Link to a WIP of GG's Message Board and Sign Posts! : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89439-galladoria-games-mission-board-and-signpost-kit/





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You guys are making it very difficult to cut back on Kickstarters. I just want you to know that.


I don't know what I want. Or need. Or could use. Mebbe some stuff that would be good in not-Eberron games... >.>

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From their newsletter:

We are excited to announce our next accessory and scatter terrain Kickstarter!

On February 3rd we are coming to Kickstarter looking for your help and support to bring 5 new collections to the tabletop gaming world.  These will all be available Hand Painted as well.

  • Accessories expanding our Crown N Laurel tavern out of the main tap room and into the bedrooms as well!
  • Expanding on our new Kahari Desert environment with Crystal Desert Scatter Terrain  and Features.
  • A new Demonic and Infernal setting containing Accessories and Scatter Terrain
  • Expanding on our new Alchemy Chamber environment with sinister slime filled goodness!
  • A new mechanical and magical modular pipeline network.

Keep an eye out for more sneak peaks and previews as we get closer to the February 3rd launch date!





We are currently booked to exhibit at the following conventions
  • CaptainCon in Warwick RI February 7-9
  • GenCon in Indianapolis July 30 – August 2
  • ReaperCon in Denton TX September 3 - 6
We are going to be attending GaryCon in Lake Geneva WI March 26-29, so if you see us at the show be sure to stop us and say hi!
If you are Attending ReaperCon this year be sure to enter in our second annual Galladoria Games Painting Competition!

During the award ceremony Reaper will be judging and presenting our awards and prizes for Best Painted Galladoria Games Miniatures!
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I just placed an order from their website yesterday and will probably back this KS as I did their last one. 

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a few more preview teasers!





One more!




The new ones are much more substantial then the original so I don’t think they would blend the best.


the old ones would be more like a side off shoot pipeline and the new ones would be the main pipeline.




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