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21 hours ago, Kekso said:

Thank you all for warm welcome and nice comments. But I'm open for critics as well... don't be shy :D 


So far nothing comes to mind.


You may have noticed that a MOD deleted the pic of the Snake Demoness.

If you have a mini that's showing nudity, you need to link that pic through something like Imgur/Photobucket/Postimg and a little warning over it.

Despite it being a Reaper Mini itself, the Forum is family friendly.

Just so you know.


I use Postimg.org, it's free and easy to use.

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    • By Zloyduh
      First of all, this is such an awesome figure!  So many details that it took me a bit longer than usual.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed every minute I got working on this guy 🙂
      As before, I'm looking for ways to improve so please throw in all your critiques and suggestions.

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      The friendlier side of my Witch Hunter warbands. Well...somewhat...

      Friar Stone's method of finding heresy is to ply the suspect's tongue with booze, rather than the traditional ways.

      His sidekick is a Grenadier Igor who switched sides and is ratting out his previous masters for leniency. 

      Perhaps the shiftiest look I've seen on a mini thus far...

      And finally the humble Wardog, biting heretics for a bowl of kibble a day, and three treats per heretic found.

    • By Level1painter
      Long time, no see guys.

      Sorry I haven't been posting much. 
      Recently moved houses which has taken a month to do so.

      Anyways, managed to get some free time which I used to paint this miniature. 
      I first primed the miniature with a black primer before using a white primer at a 45 degree angle to simulate a light source.

      I stuck with a mostly natural palette consisting mostly of greens, browns and yellow.
      When applying the paints, I thinned them down first so that they were semi transparent. Doing so allowed the paints to show through the simulated light source from the white primer. To tie it all down , I used a dark green wash to blend the paint job.

      For the base, I shaped the main stone piece out of an eraser. After mounting it on the base, I used a hot glue gun to create some tree roots. 
      I then used pva glue and coffee grind to simulate dirt and moss before allowing it to dry. 

      Painting the base was simple. Just a lot of dry brushing and a quick wash to blend it together.

      Feel free to leave comments, I love to hear feedback.

      - Level1painter.

    • By CoolAliasHere
      When Namil took ascended to the Order's highest rank, he blanketed himself with followers who held to what he believed the Order should be.  Bastian was not one of them.  Because he would not bend, he was sentenced to death.  With the aid of another in his order, he managed to escape.  Being framed for the murder of his friend, and dishonored in his homeland, Bastian set fell into despair.  He wandered the land, lost and searching for something to help him redeem his honor, and clear his name.  It was an old Dwarf name of Faenon who be his salvation.  Now, he travels with Feanon as a friend and companion, renewing his vow of service before self.
      Bastian Oakstrong

      The WIP can be found on my facebook page here.
    • By minibart
      I have been working on this mini for the last weeks. I did not have a lot of time to paint and forgot to make a wip..
      The first time I saw the Friar I was reminded of a painting I saw a long time ago of a Japanese monk on a bridge. So I painted him as a monk and made a bridge out of balsa and plastic card.
      I also wanted a tree with blossoms. The tree took a few tries before I was happy with it.
      The Friar wip.

      Building the base

      Trees tries 1 and 2

      The final tree

      Added stones and sand to the base and base colors

      Added blossom to the tree and added the water to the stream

      More to follow later...
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