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77201 Dragoth (Bones)

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Dragoth was originally pulled from the Bones box to stand in for Adivion Adrissant, the final big bad for Shadows of Gallowspire (and Carrion Crown as a whole). Then I remembered I had an already painted Whispering Tyrant that would suit the bill nicely, so poor old Dragoth fell by the wayside. He's now part of my tidy up painting because, as I've said before you can't go back in the bones box.


Not the easiest to paint because the bones version comes with him already glued in placed. The bendy bones material also means that rather than his right boot and sword planted firmly on the skulls of his former enemies, he's no lifting his right leg up a bit which makes him look like he's shifting uncomfortably in his seat. I guess if you had spent the aeons sitting on a throne made of bones, you might do that as well.


Fiddled a bit with nmm for the gold and sword. I've been happy with my gold technique for a while, but I've never gotten the handle of iron or steel without it looking like stone. Still I don't mind the sword in this, particularly with the magical blue glow effect.



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