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02953 Cyclops

Dr Boom

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I'm still clearing out the unpainted models chosen for Carrion Crown, however with Shadows of Gallowspire now fully resourced for miniatures, it's time to get the miniatures done for my next Skull and Shackles adventure while I'm waiting for half my players to return from the Czech Republic. They're currently playing through #3 Tempest Rising, but seeing as though I have the miniatures painted for that it's on to #4 Island of Empty Eyes. Lots of Cyclops, all at once and it's been a bit of a struggle tracking down compatible cyclops miniatures. This is the classic Reaper white metal one to start. I spent a bit of time blending the skin tones, although that doesn't really show in the photo. I was in a bit of a quandary as to what the maple-leaf thing was emerging from behind his belt buckle. I originally painted it as belly fur, however it seemed to match the sporran-like thing hanging from his belt so I went with sporran overall.



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