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Infinity - PanOceania Aquila Guard HMG

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So after working on Zombicide: Invader for 5-ish months, I decided I needed to branch out and try something different as a mental break. Now, I don't play Infinity, but some of the models just looks super cool to me - lots of that anime mecha vibe to them. Angel Giraldez also does a great job in making them pop, and Kenny (Yo Dawg) from Next Level Painting painted a few of them in the earlier days and I always thought they looked neat. So, I decided to pick up a model, just for fun to see what it would be like.


Techniques used heavily, as far as I can tell:


  • Airbrush - There are some extremely smooth blends, and I would bet bottom dollar it is airbrushed. Nothing wrong with that, and in fact, for pieces such as this it really makes it both easy and beautiful at the same time.
  • Darklining - There are clear bands of separation on each panel. Lifting heavily from the Gundam/Gunpla aesthetic, lots of panel lines and therefore demarcation points where things begin and end. This is important because the airbrush tends to blend almost too well, making hard-stops difficult.
  • Edge Highlighting - Bringing some of the 'eavy Metal edge highlights over to here as well, since again, lots of hard edges and armor - so to simulate that, there are copious amounts of edges to highlight.







I assembled the model, clearing off the small bits of flash/sprue, and then applied the usual zenithal prime. Already we can see the basic outline of the silhouette.



Then I took 1 drop of Scale75 Inktense Blue and Inktense Green, some flow improver, glaze medium, and thinner to dilute the ink down. I also went back over it twice, adding more and more FW White Ink to increase the highlight areas while still imparting a blue hue.



Next was to add definition, I did this by black lining with Scale75 Inktense Black. Alternatively, using a Liner or Wash/Shade can work here, but the strength of the ink is what I was going for. I also blocked in a few colors for fun, namely the knee joints, red shoulder trim, and center armor panel. I then took a bit of my old blue mix, and a bunch of white, and began edge highlighting...



Lather, rinse, repeat - blocking in the colors of the lower face-helmet-guard-thing, adding in more edge highlights and dark lining. I also added some highlights to the neck-vent things, and top of the helmet.


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Ooooh, that's gorgeous.  As for Angel, yup, he uses an airbrush for a lot of things, specifically the Harden & Steenback Infinity CR+ 0.15mm if I remember correctly from his videos. 


Does amazing work with a brush too... 


Love how this is looking already! 

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1/14 - Base Time


Sourced some sci-fi bases on Thingiverse, queued up the Photon and printed 6 different ones. I settled on a grating one because I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do with the lines. Originally the base was silver and then some blue shading, with yellow trim, which I thought would be neat. However, it made the model blend into the base too much, and the idea of a base is to offer some contrast - so it was doing the opposite of what I was trying to go for. The yellow also didn't make sense. There was no other yellow, nor will there be, on the model - so it just seemed out of place. Instead, I glazed over the yellow with Reaper Clear Red to shift it to, tada, Red - which IS on the model. I pulled a "Wappel" and just started dumping colors on the base... Snakebite Leather, Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Biel-Tan Green. All of it went on there like some crazy experiment to get some interesting tones and to shift it more towards a dark yellow brown, to contrast the Blue of the mini. Incidentally, that whole Cool Shadows/Warm Highlights thing was now working in my favor - go figure! 




..and with adding in some "rust spots" and some Riekland Fleshshade wash into the mix, I ever so bravely attached the mini to the base...




I also varnished the mini beforehand, because I was already getting tiny spots where the metal and the delicate airbrush work was rubbing off. The boots and a couple of other areas will require some touching up, but this should at least protect the current work that has gone on. Now there is a nice flat base that can easily be put onto a painting handle without fear of marring up any further work! Now, I may still have to tone down and desaturate the red on the base a bit more to keep it form overpowering the model, but I also wanted to tie in some visual interest. To the shoulder, and what will be the eyes.

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1/17 - Coat


Not much done here, I took some Kimera Cool Yellow, FW White Ink, and Scale Inktense Green & Black; mixed in some Vallejo Glaze Medium. For the initial layer, I omitted the Yellow; going for a desaturated Green, I mixed the White + Black until I had a fairly neutral gray color, then added in some of the Green (which has somewhat of an aqua hue already) to get a nice midtone desaturated green like in the photo reference. I wanted the undershade to show through, and then gradually build up opacity over it.





There are still some areas that need to be touched up, say near the right-side collar area and under some of the folds on the back side where some of the glazing isn't as saturated or consistent. I will probably add a subtle bit of an orange brown into the shadows, very carefully, to push the contrast and nerf some of the existing blue tones to give a bit more separation in color tones.

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1/18 - Glazing and Touchups


So today I blocked in the gun, edge highlighted, and attempted some facsimile of NMM. I added in some subtle brown shadows, and pushed in a bit brighter greens/yellows to the coat highlights. The pouches got a coat of Snakebite Leather and then some subsequent highlighting with Kimera Warm Yellow.


Did the "gems" and eyes. The eyes were metallic silver, then a coat of Spiritstone Red over top.


Accidentally got brown on the face, so had to reblend and added a bit more contrast while I was at it.




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1/23 - More Progress...


Spent some time working on the shoulder pads and launchers, highlighting the white arms/elbow joints, as well as the antennae. Added some more highlights/edge highlights here and there as seemed fitting.




There are a few areas left to touch up, namely the inside of the cloak/coat, and a few transitions here and there, but this is about 85% complete.

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