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Animal Adventures : Secrets of Gullet Cove Kickstarter from Painting Polygons

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Painting Polygons

NeW Animal Adventures Kickstarter launches January 28, 2020!

Set sail for a mysterious portside city where magic and adventure await...

21 brand new minis (including a Kickstarter exclusive!)
Fully illustrated, hardback sourcebook with artwork from leading industry artists
Collection of maps

With a host of colourful (and questionable!) non-playable characters, compelling locations, and a collection of multi-part adventures, Secrets of Gullet Cove opens up a brand new universe for you to explore.

Don't miss the Kickstarter launch at 4PM GMT/8AM PST on January 28th 

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Based on their previous kickstarters, I'm probably going to be in for this one. Especially if there's otters involved....


Edit: looks like it'll be around $70 with both cat and dog miniatures. Some pictures are on comicbook.com. 

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58 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:

The project is live!




I've already pledged, early birds get some cute little coin tokens for the game.


Yup, I'm in! I've backed both KS & I placed a order for the direct to retail set at my FLGS. I'm just missing the duo special edition mini (totally didn't see this one!). Quality products!

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22 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Hmmm, well now.  Those are somewhat tempting.  How's the size been on their previous minis?  How've they been to paint? 


I think for the most part the previous dogs were a touch larger in scale than dogs would be (though not outrageously so), but it made them a lot easier to paint. I haven't received the cats yet but I bet they would be similar. I can see if I can find some for a comparison shot.


Edited to add comparison:




Left to right: DSM hound, painted animal adventures Pomeranian, AA Chihuahua, Anirion, AA mastiff, Reaper pug

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Backed to get the early bird. We missed out on the doggy adventurers KS, and I'm waiting on the kitty adventurers still haven't arrived, but first-day exclusives necessitates backing it, even if the Missus, who loves dogs and would likely want to have at least a few dog adventurers in my collection, decides we shouldn't back it. That the Warden of the Golden Collar looks like a collie, which is the breed my wife grew up with, is probably a mark to the positive.

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I'm in for this, to cute to miss out on


I also picked up the direct to retail dogs set and am pleased with them too (the smaller box is also appreciated, hopefully the KS cats that will arrive soon will follow suit)

Every Guild in Gullet Cove uses these metal coins to gain entrance to secret guild meetings, and to make sure the Watch don't interfere with things that don't concern them. If you back for the Early Bird pledge then you'll get a set these coins absolutely free, but if you missed out or want multiple sets then you can add them to your pledge! Each set contains ten metal coins.


The Animal Adventures Pawlyhedral dice set gives you all the dice you need to play the world's favourite roleplaying game, stamped with the iconic Animal Adventures paw, including two D20s for rolling advantage and disadvantage. Now, every crit can feel like a high five from your favourite pet! 


Probably our most requested item! This set of four enamel pins lets you show the world that you are a person of exquisite taste, both in games and animals.

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Wait, two d20's?  Hmmm, I'd have to buy three sets but that would be fun to use for Infinity.  Purple paw dice for murder scorpion rolls.... Tempting. 


Two weeks for this though means I won't be able to get in on the game, but I might for accessories. 

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