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Animal Adventures : Secrets of Gullet Cove Kickstarter from Painting Polygons

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First I’ve seen this but the minis look really nice!


I scanned the KS but couldn’t find out what the minis are made of? Are they metal, resin, or PVC plastic (AKA similar to Bones)?

Can folks that missed the KS still get in on this?


Is there an option to just get the minis?



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They're hard PVC so closest to Bones Black in feel


no option for just the minis, but i'd say most of them will appear via steamforge games (minus any KS exclusives) as that's happened for the two previous projects (plus a no KS release of another set) I've PM'ed you a link


You can still get in, visit the kickstarter page and hit the late pledge button and it will take you to the pledge manager where you can sign up and pick what you want


(note if your getting all the add ons the shipping is cheaper if you pick the bundled option (there are two as those who backed during the KS got the coins free, late backers don't and have to add them)

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Is there anyone anywhere selling some of the kickstarter exclusives? I have the  first two sets of the doggies... but no Collie. JUST found out that it looks like one was in Gullet Cove kickstarter... but not seeing anything for sale anywhere... Anyone able to help out? 

Seriously could not figure out WHY there was no Collie in 3 boxes. Lassie is like the #1 greatest adventuring dog of all time... and my all time favorite Breed. Actually a little ticked that a Collie was exclusive... but then so was the other dogs we used to raise... Bulldogs. >.<

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