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Shadespyre's Messy-Mostly-Reaper-Miniatures Thread

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EDIT - This is now going to be somewhere I dump all my Reaper projects while (hopefully) not causing chaos by misusing the Show Off section. I'll pop finished miniatures that are individually worth lo

More from the same project - Reaper Bat Swarms (with a couple of modifications, because I can't use exactly the same model twice)     and something a bit different - I added this S

Of course, the one thing that works just like every other miniatures forum and I miss it! Thanks    Digging through my photobucket, here are some assorted Reaper Undead for you to gawp at...

Posted Images

WELCOME ABOARD! That is a SPLENDID introduction, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. VERY WELL DONE!

Posting finished work in the Show Off section is a great way to get some attention. It is okay to post the completed pieces there & the work in progress & finished pieces here and/or in the Work In Progress section. 

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Tbh I was a bit put off by the "Show Off" section because my work isn't that great, at least to me!


I never take enough WIP pictures because once I get going on a stage I forget to stop to do so! But here's a couple showing how I laid out the board, and how it looked before and during painting.




In the last one, you can see the blue putty on the giants' feet - I was constantly re-testing how everyone fitted together on the board up to the moment where I started gluing them in place (which was just after this picture was taken).

One thing I learned from the project was to be constantly checking that the bases fitted back into place, often filing or sanding bits of filler or glue or paint or sand back off the edges.



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Welcome to the forum!


You can easily put the finished project in SHOW OFF!

No need to be shy around here.

It looks great, I love the display and the conversions are very cool.


Still looking for nr. 11?


Also BONUS POINTS for painting WOLVES!!!



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Thank you, I shall be more confident and put my other finished works in the Show Off section. I'm glad you like the wolves, I try to look at lots of images so that what I'm painting looks vaguely like the real thing.


I realised that you're never going to spot No 11 from those pictures, so here's a plan view where he's much more obvious...?  Then I'll pop in all the individual pictures so that you can see him properly. I think the close ups will show the limitations of my technique, so don't forget that they are on gaming bases so I only have to paint to gaming standard! :poke:






And here he is!




Not part of the tribe! I needed something to fill an empty space and I liked how a fox fitted the colour palette of the overall scene. And oh, a scenery tip - the ferns here are made from real bracken fronds. I collected brown bracken off the hillside, brushed several layers of varnish on and then painted it green. Next time I would probably try spraying varnish and paint as the brushing broke quite a few leaves, but the results are quite good I think.

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One more picture - I wanted to show how I fitted the two small wolves into a large hex space:




With hexes, you can fit 3 half sized bases into the space of one full sized base (leaving three little diamond shapes to fill in.) Top tip - if you might want to do this, buy large hex bases of such a size that you can also buy half sized ones! So pick 60mm (and 30mm) or 70mm (and 35mm) NOT 65mm (and then have to make your own 32.5mm hex bases).

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Great job on the skeletons.  I really like your zombie dragon. 


FYI, here's the FAQ for Show Off threads. Reaper strongly encourages separate threads for additional figures and use of identifying model numbers in the tags.  It makes it so much easier when searching the forums.  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/7784-show-off-forum-guidelines-and-suggestions/



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4 minutes ago, Inarah said:

FYI, here's the FAQ for Show Off threads. Reaper strongly encourages separate threads for additional figures and use of identifying model numbers in the tags.  It makes it so much easier when searching the forums.  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/7784-show-off-forum-guidelines-and-suggestions/



Oh, okay. Seems a bit messy to me. Surely we're going to end up with a LOT of individual posts rather than actual threads that way?! :huh:

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    • By lexomatic
      I had a burst of mini painting and finished a bunch of minis this month - my first time painting I think since December 2020?
      Terraincrate (WIP)
      Crystal Peaks Campsite

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      Monster (WIP)

      Bones Pygmy Mammoth (WIP) with toddler

      Nolzurs Treant (WIP)

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      Not all of these have been sealed, some have not had matte coats yet.
      The "fire" from the Crystal Peaks set got lost during priming.
      Links to come when not in my phone. Surprised myself with this.
    • By Kangaroorex
      Two dragons from 2 different times, done with the same colors.  Basically I had both of these on the table and I decided to just use the same palette for both
      First up:  the Panther dragon from Ral Partha.  This guy is a long snakey one, his tail was very difficult to get to but overall fun to paint.  This mini just seems to ooze stealth as she slips round alleys and empty streets making people disappear.  This miniature has been sitting on my shelf for decades because I liked the art and the figure but I just didn't know what to do with it.  I finally just broke down and said I am going to paint this!

      Then on the flip side is the Treasure Rocky.  This little tyke has acquired his first hoard and he is insanely protective  and proud.  
      And he should be.  I was looking at the reaper store and he and most of his pals are sold out, again!  These are just a joy to paint and I 
      love painting them.  they are just so entertaining and so full of character that no matter what color you add to them or what you put them in 
      they have to shine!

      Hope you enjoy them!
    • By Glitterwolf
      Design Vehicle and Crew: Titanforge
      Design: Fleeing Vampire in Front : Arch Villain Games
      Design Hanging Corpse : Printed Obsession
      Design Church Ruins: Printed Obsession
      Fleeing Winged Vampire : Reaper Bones Vorvorlake SKU 50329
      Graveyard Fence Part : Reaper
      Tombstones /Barrels/Books/ Weapons: Various.
      Printed on Elegoo Mars in Resin.
      Part of my Project Children of the Night.
      WIP HERE:
      Vampires roam the land, but fear not, there are those who dedicated their lives to exterminate them.
      Here we can see how Ernst Holtz and his crew hunt down the evil creatures who were hiding in an abandoned cemetary.
      Once nobles and commoners alike donated money to the Order of the Vampire Hunters, but since the Baron's son and his wife ruled the Barony the order was mocked.
      People no longer believed in the supernatural.
      Ernst suspected the Baron's son and his wife to be behind it but he couldn't prove it yet.
      When he heard rumours of vampires in the area he assembled his crew and took out the now rusty Dampfhammer.
      He would show them!
      He would capture one of those vile creatures and show it to the people, they would believe again!
      Once more the vile Undead would flee before him!
      And maybe he could find out why the Baron's son and his wife wanted to get rid of the Order..

    • By MoonglowMinis
      Alright.  So I want to share some old skeletons with you to both show off some of my older paintjobs, and to reflect on my growth over the past two and a half years.  An what better way to show off my growth in Bones, than with bones?

      More Below Spoiler:
      I am not a fan of repainting old models or painting another copy of something I've already painted.  I have so many minis in my collection that I'd rather keep moving forward.
      That said, I love painting similar things.  It's a great opportunity to reflect on your past projects and to compare where you started to where you've come.

      I'd love to see some before and after photos of some of your works!
    • By MoonglowMinis
      So this past February, I got around to painting up these Bog Skeletons.  I was in need of more swamp zombies for Rangers of Shadow Deep and had these guys laying around and figured it was the perfect excuse for painting them.  Though I am a big fan of bog-bodies, I decided to lean more into a swampy look.  I figured they could be a bit more colorful and I got a strong vision of a green-tone horde of skellies.  Plus bogs are notorious for preserving bodies and these guys missing quite a bit of their flesh, organs, and hair.
      More Below the Spoiler:

      I had a lot of fun working on these guys.  They're very colorful despite being monochromatic and I think they're among some of my best work.  I tried out new techniques and pushed my skills.  In the end I have a group of evocative minis that really imply a setting beyond the limits of their bases.  I couldn't be prouder of these bone-boys.
      I also recently shared some photos of some of my earlier attempts at painting skeletons.  It was really fun looking back at where I started - especially since these models are very similar to the Skeleton Guardians.  You can check out my old skeletons in the Show-Off post HERE.
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