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Painting a Stonehaven gnome...


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So the ex is going to be joining a new campaign, and she asked me to paint her figure, the Stonehaven female gnome rogue....






Still just starting, but need to motivate myself, as well as keeping track of colors....

Scalera is Reaper Linen White

Pupil Warcolours Green 3

Skin SC 75 Arabic shade...


Check back as more gets done!


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So the next steps...

To the base SC75 Arabic Shade, added a 50% mix of Arabic Shade and Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh, then a 50% mix of Basic Flesh and Golden Skin...

The pants and boots got a couple coats of SC75 Abyssal Blue...

The pants will be brought up to a lighter than the boots... (hopefully anyway...)





Still early days, and going to need washes to blend things together, but blending is still beyond me now....


Comments and critiques welcome!




edit, already seeing glitches....

Edited by knarthex
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Are you using a wet palette? This might help you with paint consistency. It seems the paint application is a tad thick and looks chalky. Could be the surface of the miniature,  too,  however. 


I also recommend using a glaze medium. It allows you to apply thin translucent coats without loosing adhesion or consistency. 


I think if you work on paint consistency blending will come easier to you. 

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On 1/19/2020 at 6:12 AM, Peithetairos said:

Are you using a wet palette? This might help you with paint consistency. It seems the paint application is a tad thick and looks chalky. Could be the surface of the miniature,  too,  however. 


I also recommend using a glaze medium. It allows you to apply thin translucent coats without loosing adhesion or consistency. 


I think if you work on paint consistency blending will come easier to you. 

Yes, I am using a wet palette, It's been about 2 years since I have painted, and am still trying to relearn the skills I had....


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Been working, just not posting....


SC Warfront Field Grey39 on the jacket,  Golden Skin, Golden Skin and Light Skin, then Light Skin, as well as some glazes with a mix of Golden and Light skins to try and smooth things out...





Not happy with the left side of her face, but will see if I can fix it, or if she needs a simple green spa day....


thanks for looking!

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Been working, just not posting....


SC F&G Elandil Violet then a wash of WarColours Violet ink for the hair, SC75 Golden Skin & Pale Skin, Then Pale skin, then Pale skin and Mojave white, then several glazes of pale skin, then pale skin and mojave white...







Still not happy about the left side of the face, but since the figure is supposed to have a scar....

Thanks for looking...

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A little more here, beginning the high lighting...

Scale 75 Violet and GW Liche Purple on the hair, 

and Scale 75 Field Grey 39 on the tunic








Darn thing is so tiny, I had to get out a Ro&Co 3/0 brush...


I have also come to terms with the left side of the face, as the description of the mini says she's scarred....


Thanks for looking!


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Hair-  SC75 Sunset Purple, GW Warlock Purple, GW Tentacle pink, glaze 50 % each Sunset and Warlock

Tunic- Sc75 Field Grey 38 and SS camo Highlight 50%

Tunic edge- SC 75 Cantabric, Tesla, and Mediterranean Blues

Boot, Bracers, and Neck piece- SC75 Anthracite, Graphene greys, and Graphite

Leathers- SC 75 Black Leather, 50% Black and Brown Leathers, Brown Leather

Dagger Bld- SC 75 Heavy Metal

Other Metals- SC&% Decayed Metal, Victorian Brass, and GW Burnished Gold

Tombstone- GW Stormvermin fur

Base WC One Coat Black






Thanks for looking!



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