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Painting this guy up for ex's husband for their new campaign...

Again, nothing much yet, but gotta keep track of colors....






He's been sitting on the shelf of shame for a while, and the skin was done with GW Tanned flash, but I am going over that with SC 75 Arabic Shadow..


eyes had been done at some point, so exact colors unknown...


check back another time to see progress....



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So after some more coats of SC75 Arabic Shade, I progressed to, added a 50% mix of Arabic Shade and Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh, then a 50% mix of Basic Flesh and Golden Skin...

Again, going to need washes for blending, but....






Once again, comments and critiques welcome!



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Golden Skin and Light Skin, then Light skin, as well as washes of Golden Skin and Basic Flesh to smooth things out...

Sahara Yellow on the wrappings...






Guy has muscles on his muscles....

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Been working, just not posting...


Hair and eyebrows SC75 Eclipse Gray, mix of Sahara Yellow and Tenere yellow on the wraps, and a few more glazes...







Thanks for looking!

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Moar work

SC75 Mojave White, Reaper Leather and Linen Whites on the wraps, SC 75 Iroku on his pants, SC 75 Graphene and Anthracite Greys on his hair515973976_stationM577GungorThregan009.thumb.JPG.ba8148051b8c11c54a6869161beccafe.JPG






Thanks for looking!


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Worked on his sash(?) starting with SC 75 Sunset Purple, then Fuschia, Deep Red, and blood Red, with a 50% mix in between each step...

Also a few highlights on his pants with SC 75 Sahara Yellow.






Thanks for looking!



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So I had a paint day with @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Mad Jack at the Citadel in New London, CT today, and I worked on Gungor with Warcolours Yellows, SC 75 Browns and Greys, and Reaper Whites...








So this is what he looks like now...

Need to do some glazes on the reds and yellows to blend them together next...


Thanks for looking George

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