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Dual hand crossbow minis?


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Great mini but she doesn't have the look I want. The adventure calls for a male but I can always change it to female. If anything, I could always vulture her right hand. ha ha. I do like this one:



Sculpted by Bobby Jackson


SKU: 44054



Always can say the blade is the other crossbow. My players won't care.

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7 hours ago, ttuckerman said:

How about https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder+plastic+fantasy+crossbow/latest/44072

You could add a second crossbow to the off hand.

Dark Elf Male Warrior
sku: 44072


That one doesn't fit the style I need (thou IIRC, I may use that one as a drow elite warrior next Monday....). I just recalled a mini I got from Bones 3 that felt a bit out of place:





Sculpted by Bobby Jackson


SKU: 77470


While he is using a pistol, the overall feel works for the NPC I wanna portray. Again,  my players really don't care if the mini doesn't match the actual person in game. Running a Western Eberron game, this will be a ranger/rogue friendly NPC that uses dual hand  crossbows. He meets the PCs in jail & offers them a job in helping him liberate a town from a overbearing mining baron. I'll portray him using Olav Gunderson (50319). The friendly NPC's companions are Kenku that wears a sombrero & wields a banjo & a warforged that has a violent past but now won't harm anyone (he is the group's medic). I'm using bits to convert the Kenku. A gnoll that has monk like abilities & wears a bowler hat is the dwarf's main henchmen. The party will fight him on the lighting rail.

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16 hours ago, haldir said:

He has a special ability called crossbow expert. It ignores the loading property & such. Pretty allows him to fire them off each round. Which in 5e terms means he is reloading & firing during his turn.

I don't think that Crossbow Expert lets you load and fire two hand crossbows in one round, as I think that you need a free hand to manipulate the ammunition, even if you ignore the loading property.


Crossbow Expert does let you load and fire one hand crossbow twice in one round (once with your Attack action and once with your Bonus action), though, so it's kind of moot except in specific situations.


Two hand crossbows looks cooler, though, so two hand crossbows should prevail, rules semantics be damned!


I definitely think that the Elthin Bluesteel, Gunslinger model is the best choice!


Since there is a dearth of Bones and Bones Black minis with hand crossbows (or with crossbows in general, for that matter), he is my go-to mini when I need a Spy NPC - which favor shortswords and hand crossbows in 5e.

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He is a special NPC with a special ability, but for the most part it's like crossbow expert. His ability is similar to monsters with a special ability/action. I was gonna stat out his companions to full classes but in the end I think that would make them too powerful of NPCs. The adventure came out before Kenku was an actual race for example, so they just put in small changes for this character. They did the same for the non-violent warforged to reflect his pacifist ways. (DC checks for him to harm someone)

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