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Terrain Tuesday show discussion!

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I keep hearing the lyrics to I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester when I see this pic. :) 

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This Post Is Dedicated To Winter Terrain Ideas



(...Since Ed has indicated during some recent Terrain Tuesday shows that winter things are what he would like to work on next after the trebuchet.)



I did some winter terrain a great long while ago. The ponds might be the most interesting element. (The other things pictured are repurposed Christmas village pines; a basic white table cloth; and EPS foam slab hills.)


The ponds are made from light fixture diffusion plastic. They get painted in a sneaky way on the textured side. Then they are flipped over (smooth side up) for a nice reflective surface. I am sorry about the poor quality of minis included for size/scale in the pix. There wasn't much else available.



Happy little tree reflections ^ and everything. Just like a painting.



Here is the pond from the very first picture, balanced on something, held up above the table. 


This lets us see that the plastic material is all of ^ TWO millimetres ^ thick. Dropping one of these on the table is almost as good as putting down an ACME Labs Portable Hole on a bridge, ....Instant Pond on a flat surface. 


There are some tiny patches of Woodland Scenics brand snow in a few places on the top surfaces, at corners. These ponds are not 100% a painting project, just mostly.

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