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44044 Dark Watcher WIP

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I have finally carved some time out of my schedule for painting.  It helps that I had to walk away from hand sculpting almost completely for medical reasons, but painting doesn't seem to have the same issue, so...bonus.  I decided that I wanted to do something smaller than the red dragon I am also working on, and the new Dark Watcher called to me.  Chris Lewis did a great job on this one, and I have been itching to put paint on it since Bones 4 fulfilled.


I decided not to make the same mistake as in years past on fun projects where I would not clean them fully, thinking that they would not be ReaperCon quality paint jobs, only to have it end up as something I would want to enter, only to have a bunch of mold-lines.  So I am approaching this one as if I may enter it into the Open in the Painter's division, but am not going to stress out on the painting too much.  if it turns out great, then I'll enter it; if not, I'l use it on my players...win/win.  Here it is all cleaned, scraped, and puttied:






Next, I primed the whole thing in a mix of brown and blue liner.


Lets talk a bit about what I want to do with this mini.  I really want this mini to be a study in light.  Namely, I want a single small light source out of shot shining straight at the mini.  Essentially, imagine you are a party of adventurers walking through the deep caverns of the world, your only light the clear light beaming from the wizard's staff.  The darkness seems alive, like it fills the spaces with more than just a lack of light.  Ahead of you by the light of the staff, you see...


That is my scene.  Everything is dark except for the parts of the monster that are touched by that single light source directly in front of it.  I used a single LED in my head lamp and a dark room to mimic the effect I am looking for and took pictures.  I'l use these as a reference to help me place the color revealed by that single light source.







I'll post more about the first painting session later.




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I approve of this heartily. Paint all the things!

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I started by painting the whole watcher in a mix of Corporeal Shadow (not @Corporea Shadow) and Red Liner.  That gave me a really nice purple so dark as to be midnight incarnate.





Then I painted the affected skin areas in various layers up through Gem and Amethyst Purple to Kraken purple on the frontlights (??? can't really call them highlights).





Next, I painted the scales with Armor Grey>Concrete Grey>Misty Grey each mixed 2:1 with Drow NippIe Pink. (Lighting is a little dim in the photos, sorry.)




That's where it currently sits.  The frontlights will definitely need to be brought up more, but I want to glaze everything together a bit first, and see where it sits with the eye and mouth done.

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TaleSpinner's painting a thing!




TaleSpinner's painting a thing!





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I set the sculpts and printing aside last night and just painted.  It was very relaxing.  


Here are some shots of my journal, that I promised from before:


The Study in Purples and Greys:





The Paint Log for this Mini:






Last night, I painted the inner mouth parts and the webbing on the sides of the mouth.  I will still need to work on getting the shadows right, but it is close.  








Next (maybe even tonight), I'll work on the teeth.

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