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Tudor style modular townhouse

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This is the first of my Ulvheim modular townhouses.  It's not quite finished, but when @Reaper_Jon put up a call for terrain for Ed's Terrain Tuesday shows, I wanted to share it.









This is the first of 8 buildings like this.  This uses just about every tool and terrain skill in my arsenal.


The bottom floor is 3d printed modular pieces from Markus Kruse's Terrain4Print stuff (available on Thingaverse and Patreon) that are glued together and painted.


The upper floors are foam core, with 3d printed windows, and balsa wood trim.


The roof is mattboard with paper shingle strips. The mattboard is held to the proper angle with some 3d printed "rafters", which I didn't show here.


Besides the usual Xacto knives, glue and paint, here is what else I used.


I used Campaign Cartographer to draw my templates for the foam core, which were printed to size, laminated with 10 mil sheets, and carefully cut out. This allows me to quickly measure and cut the foam core to size. CC3 was also used to print a wooden "floor" to put on the bottom of each floor.  That part was done as an after thought, mainly because it was quicker than painting the interior.


Fusion 360 was used to design the window inserts and the rafters, which were printed on my 3d printer.


The roof shingle strips were drawn in Silhouette Studio, and cut on my Silhouette SD cutter. Putting them on is tedious work, but the pay off is worth it, IMO.


My airbrush was used to put the base coats down on the foam core. On this particular piece, the wood was glued down first, but I learned that makes painting the trim very tedious. My son suggested that I paint the wood before putting it on.


Since these are primarily for wargaming, the interiors are left completely open. My son has expressed some interest in using CC3's dioramas add on to create some modular interiors for them, but I'll leave that project to him.


I still (obviously) need to finish the roof and paint it, less obvious is painting up the doors for the first floor.


I have the foam core shells built for the other 7 units, some of them with wood already on them.  So those pieces will be just as tedious to do as this first one, but the later ones I've already started staining the wood, and have airbrushed the base coat down.


I will get fancier on a couple of the roofs, adding things like dormers or chimney's - I just have to keep in mind that anything I add needs to hold up to the game table.

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