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2020 Annual contest Reaper diorama entries

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Large Reaper based diorama entries only.  No more than 6 images per entry please.

No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread. 

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The Gnolls of Jurorakk Pass, from left to right on the first picture; 77236 Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior, 77235 Toghra the Gnoll Leader (converted), 77234 Boneflail Gnoll Cleric, 02704 Lord of the Gnolls, 77388 Gnoll Warrior, 77236 Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior (converted), 77104 Blacktongue Gnoll Archer and 03277 Hyena Pack at the front. The display base is 7.25 inch x 11 inch wide. All painted with Reaper MSP paint.













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The Large Cobra is the Bones King Cobra SKU: 44103

The statues, altar, braziers are all 3D printed files from Artisan Guild. on my Elegoo Mars

The Treasures are a mix of Reaper Egyptian Treasure SKU: 03112  and some Resin treasures from Tabletopstudios/Minimonsters.

The Temple is carved from AK Interactive Foam and the Glyphs are made with the Greenstuffworld Egyptian Rollerpin.

Tufts from Vallejo.


Used as a photbackdropboard.

Mini makes a guest appearance.SKU 77339 Reaper Bones Avatar of Thoth





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                                                                      Bugbear Picnic

                                     - Reaper 03408, 77012 , 77104, 77231, 77233, 77005


It's the Gnoll's turn to Go get Food!



  Is this them?




Oh No!


 You Idiots!


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