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Bones 4 Rulers of Hell

Disciple of Sakura

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22 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That's just plain awesome!!!

Thanks very much.

22 hours ago, TheUncannyAK said:

The lighting is really great. And I love the dark gray skin tone of the male.

It's bluer in real life. I wanted a dark, shadowy blue. Because I didn't have an adequate blue on hand, though, what I actually did was use the Dark Elf skin triad, and then glazed it with a blue ink to shift the color.

14 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Nice work on the LED bases.

Great painting overall.


15 hours ago, Jellyranger69 said:

Dang dude, these are wicked. Very very nicely done. I’m taking notes on your LED work! Are the battery packs self contained within the bases?

Yes. I used these LED lights:





Wound the wire around the base, used the power box as the main base that they're standing on. I covered it up a bit with some air-dry clay to mask the obviousness, but it's there. The King of Hell's power box is glued in, but I managed to incorporate some magnets into the Queen of Hell's base so that I can lift the power box up and change out the batteries if I should ever need to.

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Thanks again to everyone for the compliments. I was going through my photos, and found this one of the Lord's base under construction. The LED power supply is in the middle, covered with some clay, while the rocks from the street are arranged around it. I held down his light string with superglue, white glue, and some water effects, then copious amounts of gloss gel piled on top to build up holes and make it rougher. (The Lady's base, I used pourable resin, which made it much smoother and took a lot less time.)



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    • By Auberon
      My partner for the Secret Sophie exchange this year was NecroMancer and they requested demons or some other stuff, so I painted the Queen of Hell.  About the same time I had ordered a 3D printer and I had found a base that kind of matched an idea I had in my head.  The printer was going to ship on time, then it wasn't, then it was, and finally came in just in time to print my display base. It is from the celestial pack by Archvillain Games. It's 100mm plus some overhang. For a bit of additional flair I added some blood imps to the base. 
      One thing about pre-made display bases though is they can be next to impossible to actually use if they are not designed well.  This base is an example of that as there is so much rubble that I had to carve away spaces for feet or build up the area with a bit of milliput to give them something to stand on. Since ancient statues were actually painted I decided to go with that and put a simple face on the bit of statue that remained.

      The Queen was actually painted before my printer arrived and because things hadn't gone crazy at work yet, I actually had time to paint her properly.  I went for a stylized NMM on her armor.  It was the first time I had tried NMM this way.  It worked but I need some more practice to really sell it.  I didn't want her to look like some cheap plastic figure (even though she kinda is ) so instead of going red like the blood imps I made her skin mostly human and then put the orange/red/purples in the midtones and shadows.
      Her wings don't fit in my tiny photo setup so...

      And with wings. They were not attached for shipping and needed a bit of support, so ignore the paint bottle.  Bones are evil.  Mold lines suddenly appear everywhere.  And for better or for worse, a year from now her wings will sink toward the earth, but they should rotate and touch the base.

      A few extra pics I took, if anyone wants to look
    • By ChumBucket
      Started painting this when I only had the paints from the Bones 4 kickstarter, but glad reinforcements arrived before I finished.
      Went with carbon grey base for the shell, then areas of Styx Purple and Tropical blue over that, followed up with clear blue and clear purple, and a glossy varnish to try to give it that iridescent feel. Pretty happy with it. 

    • By ChumBucket
      Snowy, muddy mammoth guy; still need to add some discoloration to the tusks.

    • By Froggie44
      Frost Giant Court - King, Queen, and Guards are from earlier KS (I believe), Rangers are add-ons from Bones 4. C&C welcome. Will post close-ups of rest tomorrow.

    • By PhantomAquarist
      Spent the last three days doing new techniques I've never done before. First-time face texturing, using an airbrush, and first time NMM. 

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