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Saw this on Mil-Net


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Ah yes the fact that we can already build these things if we chose to....


Sorry, for being cynical but the ability to build pretty advanced robotics has been around since oh at least the early 1990s


Here are some places you may want to visit


The Leg Lab (MIT) and for the record one of my favorite places. They have so much info of value is not even funny. Oh JPL is also a good place, since a human sized robot is under development for International Space Maintainace.


The Honda labs, they have this cute little thing that oh happens to be a robot,

bipedal and capable of going up and down stairs (Oh and Toyota has one too)


By the way there is now artificial muscle, and yes beyond Nytinol, which has been around since oh... the 1980s (yep if this sounds familiar well it should)


Gauss Rifles, have you gone to oh Magic Mountain? What do you think the Superman ride technically is... and yes it takes a lot of power from the grid, they are on a separate grid. Did I mention the National Proving Grounds? I thought I should as well...


Lasers... hmmm let me see, we know that the AF has put a working laser on board a 747, use your brains as to where it may be next, or for a matter of fact where it is deployed, right now.


Autocannons, well we are at quite possibly the end of any improvements we can do to all chemically propelled projectiles, whether they are bullets or larger rounds.


So you may ask, why is it that the Army is not building them? Well quite simple... the tank corp said back in the mid 1980s, SKYLINING... though power armor is now in pretty advanced stages of development. Amazing the things one learns when one starts reading science magazines regularly.


Oh and John Deere has developed a loger mech that looks very close to a CAV scorpion (I make the distinction since Tech has one too)


Oh and we have robotics developed enough that we now use them for some very hazardous duties, such as EOD, or the one abandoned inside the Chernobyl bottle used for cleanup...


I could go on....into tech that many games are using as science fiction that are truly reality right now....




Of course the Mecha related sci fi that is becoming reality is not what concerns me right now... but that is a whole other kettle of fish.

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I just want to know when I can get one of those Asimos. I've seen the commercials, and a robot that can go up stairs - Well, if it could be programmed to do laundry and the dishes - I'd be set!


Also if it could give me tips for my video games, so I wouldn't have to shell out $60 for the game then another $20 for hte tipbook . . . .Heh, but that's another topic entirely.

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I know for a fact that the military is looking into combat applications of these types of machines..............


Lord, knows how many times Red and I got into lengthy discussions on this, but it comes down to a rudimentary AI. the calculations to walk are incredible, but in wartime conditions, manuevering under forced conditions, is a fluid pace for any machine to handle, no programmer can write enough code to cover every variable possible, and conflict tends to create new variables everytime.


SO the computer on the Mecha has to be sophisticated enough to make a rudimentary guess, "When I step, do I balance my torso this way or that way to evade that 7.62 round coming in at a vector of 30 degrees from the target at 400 meters." and the AI has to be able to learn the consequences of either action, and commit to memory.


The tech to make these machines are there, AI technology is really whats holding back the development of true combat mecha; that and its currently too expensive to lose a machine like this to a few simple 7.62 warsaw pact rounds..........

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Yes but the aplications they are looking at them are not FOR GIANT WALKING ROBOTS


There are two places where they are looking at them because of their inherent advantages.


Space exploration, see JPL and that one will see the light of day before any military aplication. Oh and that one is being done in plain sight


The other, insofar as the military is concerned, is small bipedal machines, closer to either Heavy Gears or Power Armor, depending on your definition. Look at it this way... if I am a tanker and I can see you before yuo can see me... who do you think is going to loose this battle? The other of cousre is the quad or six legged... and in fact we may already have some of them for very specific aplications. They are not giant... in fact they are very tiny.


Also the military is looking for things that will reduce the skylining problem even in modern tanks... so why would they search to increase the problem with a giant walking machine?


The other problem they have is that in reality Mecha, (as designed for any game to look cool) have way too many ammo traps, like the Mark VII (WW I tank) had with the sponsoons on the side.


I am not saying it will nto happen, just not the way that most people who play with Mecha think it will happen.


Now back to conceptual artwork, speaking of which... (no not Mecha)

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