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Invisible PCs/Phantom Warriors

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That works really well. Ethereal and spooky. I've just based mine and left the characters untouched, but I may have to try this.

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    • By Evilhalfling
      Thief : Blue Ink base + black ink to show details  (least happy) 
      Cleric : angelic ghost or spiritual weapon spell.  Yellow ink + TMM 
      Ranger: painted by minispawn.  ill take it. Makes a great ghost 
      Wizard: nulin Oil + higlights of green ink  (fav) 
      Fighter: I only painted the base. (represents an invisible PC pretty well.) 
      I should talk to @Doug Sundseth about this again, since he is teaching a class on it, probably today.  Not sure im happy with the set. 

    • By Evilhalfling
      I had the kids home from school unexpectedly yesterday: 
      Elder spawn had a friend over and we did come painting. 
      got a pair of yeti out and I did wash and drybrush with mini-spawn  (5yrs) using craft brushes, reaper paint and a wet pallet.
      I painted eyesockets, and then gave her a toothpick for whites. 
      I was helping Elderspawn with her Dungeons and Doggies figure and Minispawn just grabed a transparent ranger, I told her to paint it however, since I dont have a working system for transparents.  It makes a really good ghost now.  
      three more off my bones3 core set.

    • By LarsM
      Hobbit thief with an invisible cloak.
      This was a really fun little project. A lot of playing with colors and experimenting.
      It is an old Ral Partha hobbit from my ‘painted-years-ago-box’ that got a repaint.
      The first picture is from the side that is towards the wall. And the last is from the angle where the illusion (almost) works.
      Any critiq and comment is welcome. Thanks for looking.

    • By Laoke
      I've been thinking about doing this for awhile - painting up one of the clear "invisible" adventurers in Bones III as a translucent figure.  The obvious choice was 77449 - Invisible Rogue, as my delightful wife painted the matching 77035 - Visible Deladrin some time ago.
      I painted the figure using a thinned Tamiya Clear Blue X-23 (thinned with Tamiya Thinner X-20).  This produced a very light blue tint to the figure while at the same time introducing some definition.  I also hit points where I wanted extra definition, mainly the face and weapon transition points, with unthinned Tamiya Clear Blue.

      The broccoli is basically Reaper Peacock Green worked up through Reaper Clear Green to Reaper Clear Yellow.  The bottom of the base has been painted Reaper Pure Black.
      Important Note:  Tamiya Clear paints are significantly different from Reaper Clear Paints.  Tamiya Clear are translucent, Reaper Clear are not. 


        Issues - there's a big one in that because of the black I painted the bottom of the base, the boots of the translucent figure are significantly darker than the rest of the figure.  It almost reads right, but I'd have been better off doing the first coat on the bottom a green or maybe a white so they looked like they were clear going onto the grass of the base.  It's something I'll consider later, although could largely be ignored if you rebased the figure.  But on the whole I think this came out pretty good, accidental scimitar that we never noticed originally on Deladrin and all.
        There's one additional issue that I didn't spot till after I posted this - a Virtual Chocolate Fish™ to anyone who can tell the class what that very delibrate mistake was for our educational porpoises.
    • By Dr_Automaton
      I cut back on the ink for the cleric and am happy with the result.  I also first drybrushed him with Polished Silver.  the results are barely visible under the ink wash and just doesn't seem to add anything to the effect.  I don't think I'll bother in the future.
      The mix I used for the wash/stain this time around was:
      5 drops RMS Gloss Sealer 1 2/3 drops RMS Wash Medium 1/3 drop Liquitex Phthalo Blue  
      Because I'm a fan of replicable processes, I approached thinning the ink by first mixing one drop of Phthalo Blue with two drops of Wash Medium.  I then drew some of it into a cheap, disposable eye dropper I found in a hobby shop years ago and added one drop to a five:one mix of Gloss Sealer and Wash Medium.  I'm sure that I was overthinking this. . . .
      The resulting seven drops of wash was just enough to coat the figure.  I was a bit worried when I started applying it, but fortunately, it all worked out.  The viscosity of the mixture seemed just right for what I wanted.

      The cleric has a more ghostly quality over his nigh-invisible wizard buddy, which works for me.  I'll probably stick with some version of this formula for my other transparent figures.
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