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Making feathered dinosaurs

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I put feathers on some old Ral Partha Velociraptors in my Lost World.

Talespinner gave good advice.

And I cheated a bit by pressing the wings from a mini into instant mold to create a texture mold.

Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.





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okay. i won't be doing fancy feathers. Birds dont' have super obvious individual feathers anywhere but on their wings and tails, so i'm only going to worry about proper feathers there. Doing each individual feather on the body will just make it looked scaled more than natural feathering. The rex is going to have filament feathers, so no proper feathers at all. I'm calling it a Yutyrannus since rex itself did not have feathers, but Yutyrannus did

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4 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

You have a perfectly gorgeous Blacktooth Terror there, and you're modifying it now that you've gotten it all painted. Are you crazy?:blink:


Probably =P don't worry I will restore the paint job with his new feathers so it still matches. His back is mostly black anyways,and he isn't going to have a full feather covering. More of a dorsal cape

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