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The cutest thing I’ve seen on the interwebz today.

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It looks like this is a third or even fourth hand posting but these photos came across my newsfeed on Facebook this evening.

Wish I could properly accredit them but that little one is the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile.






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1 hour ago, Clearman said:

Is this a medieval interpretation of the Madalorian, or just a knight with a baby? 

I can't imagine it *not* being a Mandalorian homage with the helmet paint design.


Even the baby's green hood has two "pointy ear" flaps.

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13 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Nice armour, nice photos, but anyone else look and go "hmm, that crossbow is going to be useless without an arrow knocked..." 

I did not think that thought. 


I have fired a similar crossbow; it was made as a one-off piece, to a medieval design, by a contemporary craftsman/bowyer. No safety, hair trigger. 


Giving it some thought, my thought is: “smart, not blundering about with a loaded crossbow when there’s an infant nearby.”

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