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Scourge fleet from Dropfleet Commander


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That purple / blue blend looks fantastic!


I agree with your comment about spaceships needing better rules! I have a collection of spaceships for the Noble Armada game, but the rules seem very clunky so for now they are all stuck in a box in the loft.

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Thank you for showing off these! Beautiful and inspiring!

I have been holding off painting mine as I have been thinking to do the Shaltari in a Minbari style and the scourge as Shadows, but here it is evident that it is the Scourge that needs to get the Minbari -inspired paint scheme! 


In case you are not familiar with the Babylon 5 Minbari space ships:

Image result for minbari cruiser

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I spy a Medusa. Very well done. Firestorm had some very cool ships in my opinion. 

6 hours ago, Corsair said:

Actually the rules from Starfinder for space combat aren't too bad. Pretty simple and only 2 dimensional but easy to use and a good balance of movements

I shall look into that too.

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