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Bones 4 Genie


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I got inspired by my DND character's backstory and thought I would paint my Bones 4 Genie (I know Reaper has given her a name but I can't remember it or find it) up to be her mother. Since my character is an air genasi and has blue skin and white hair, I thought I'd use a similar color palette on her mom. 


I have no idea if this mini will ever see a gaming table, since that is up to the DM, so I'm taking the opportunity to play around with her and really work on improving my weakest skill- emulating a light source. 


To start I did a zenithal prime with blue and white, and took pictures. I'm trying to refer back to these as often as possible





Next, I used ink to pick out details, and then I undercoated her skin with some metal medium. This is just an experiment to see if it give the end result some subtle shine.




Then I painted in the facial details, mainly because I always feel weird about a mini until it has eyes. 




Then I painted in the shadows on the skin! I tried to use the zenithal prime as reference quite a bit, but something feels slightly off in her face. I'm going to put the highlights in first, and then see if I'm still getting that feeling. 



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Got some more work done today! 


I finished highlighting the skin and made some adjustments to the eyes




And then, after trying unsuccessfully to shadow and highlight the hair, I rebasecoated it with a darker color. I still want the hair to be primarily white, but I think it will be easier to build highlights and shadows onto the darker color than it was to highlight and shadow the almost white that was there before. While that dried I started work on the skirt, then got absorbed. 




I like the look of the skirt from a distance, but up close the blending needs work. I think I'm going to end up having to work on each swirl individually to get the nice blends I'm hoping for. I might be working on this skirt for a while!

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I added some gold for color testing. I'm not sure about it, but I know I don't want to use silver for her metal pieces. I think I'll like it more when her hair is white again




I also smoothed out a few of her skirt swirls, and I think I'll spend most of tomorrow getting those in order

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I like her so far!


10 hours ago, Fire_Eyes said:

I added some gold for color testing. I'm not sure about it, but I know I don't want to use silver for her metal pieces.

I feel like the gold is off but I can't tell you why.  I feel like it should either be redder (e.g. Reaper MSP Bones Dwarven Gold or Cursed Gold) or brighter and a little more yellow.

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12 hours ago, Xiwo Xerase said:

I feel like the gold is off but I can't tell you why.  I feel like it should either be redder (e.g. Reaper MSP Bones Dwarven Gold or Cursed Gold) or brighter and a little more yellow.


I think you're right. The more I look at the current color, the more it feels almost antiquey (especially when combined with the dusty rose color of the skirt), which doesn't seem right for a genie. Once I'm done with the skirt I'll try a more yellow gold and see if that's better. 




As for the skirt, I spent pretty much all day working on the blends, and it's still not done!




But it's getting close, at least. The front is almost done, I just have to lighten and pinken up the highlights on top so I can communicate the ombre look I'm going for. It seemed like no matter what I tried, mixes drifted toward the gray/purples rather than the warm dusty pinks. That being said, I think these are some of my best blends ever

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I fixed the coloration and in turn messed up the blending. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be blending this skirt forever :upside:






At a point of frustration with the blending, I decided to redo the gold, and took the opportunity to play with my new Vallejo Liquid Gold paint. This stuff is so shiny! But it also dries almost immediately, so make sure if you try it, you use a cheap brush. I almost fried my nice Raphael (luckily I caught on before the damage was permanent and gave it a nice sit in Master's Brush Cleaner)


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I really needed a win today, so I'm taking it where I can get it; the skirt is done (for now)! I'm likely going to go back and do some last minute touch ups when I come back to the hanging piece and the top, but for now I'm done blending the skirt.






I also started putting in some shadows on the metallics, and plan to finish those up next. Then it's time to tackle the hair (for real this time)!



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On 1/23/2020 at 7:34 AM, Peithetairos said:

Love the skin tone and smooth highlights on it. I also love how you painted the smoke clouds, but was more of a fan of these less pinkish hue. Still, this will be an awesome mini when finished.


Honestly, part of me agrees, and I think I'm going to have to use that color combo on a future project. On this one, it was striking me as odd because I wanted the top of the skirt to look like it was a lighter pink that transitioned into a dark purple on the bottom. The more neutral color was so similar in tone to the dark bottom that it was looking to me like it was a badly placed highlight, rather than a separate color. The new color is less warm in the hand than photos were making it look though.




I did get some work done on the metal and the hair! Both still need work, but I'm liking it better the further I get.





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On 1/30/2020 at 5:50 AM, Glitterwolf said:

I like her expression, she looks like she's saying: is that your wish? Watch this!

I love that! This mini has loads of personality, which definitely helps. 


I spent the day's session working on the metal. TMM is definitely not my specialty, which is part of why I'm trying it on her. I like where I'm at with the gold (Vallejo rust effect was surprisingly awesome for shading the metallic gold), but the silver.. I'm struggling with the silver. 






Half the paint I use to try to shade it beads up, slides off, or generally does weird things texturally. The silver paint I'm adding to fix the shading issues us also starting to leave a definite texture. I'm kind of at my wit's end with it. Does anyone have any tips for shading metallic silver paint? 

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