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Dictator retail price


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Hehehe, Space Marines and heresy in the same sentence... oh the delicious irony! :o)


Y'all should speak to Jimbo about his impression of a CAV dropship. It's a very well thought out concept and it is very effective. The only problem that I could think of when speaking to him about it was that you'd have to climb into your seat lying on your back (like the shuttle)... however variable g-fields would negate that problem.


Either way, something about the way CAV's get from planet to planet would be much appreciated.


As for the other stuff, I doubt I could catch Frosch on this board... let alone Istormhammer. However, we shall see... the Great Ogre works in mysterious ways :o)


As for the drooling and babbling... hey what can I say, we all have out problems and mine has been drooling since I wore a brace for 2 years.


And thanks Frosch *eyes mist over*

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