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Minifig ME Goblins ca. 1974

Rob Dean

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Wow! Rare to see miniatures that pre-date my own gaming childhood - I started in 1981 on Citadel Fantasy Tribes / early C series and occasional Ral Partha imports. You've done a great job with tiny, basic miniatures - I think we're mostly spoilt with the acrylic paints, the range of basing materials and just the accessibility of advice on how to paint compared to those days. Back then we had our dad's left over Humbrol enamels, little squares of cereal packet painted green or grey, and very little to copy or inspire us, as I recall.

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I had to buy my own Humbrol enamels...Dad was/is a model railroader, so had cans of spray paint in colors like tuscan red or Pullman green, which weren’t all that much use for minis.  I suppose Pullman green would have made bases...At least the model railroading meant that getting him to visit the hobby shop was never a problem. ::D:


But yeah, in some respects I’ve been around since the beginning.  I probably bought my first Minifig MEs in 1974, although the intention was to do Lord of the Rings battles with Chainmail.  The D&D didn’t come along until ‘76, but we already had (some) miniatures when it did.



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13 hours ago, Rigel said:

Such tiny li'l bastards! Well done; great basing. I like the different mountains on the shields.

Thanks! The basing is pretty straightforward; it is just white glue and sand of a reasonable color, with the occasional Army Painter tuft and some Woodland Scenics flock glued over ~1/2 the base.  It doesn’t take long to do, minus drying time, and is unobtrusive in battle games.  Everybody was supposed to have a distinguishable unique shield in case I need to tell them apart for an RPG. Looking over the picture, some may be a little over-subtle. ::D:

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    • By Rob Dean
      I started painting again on my vintage Minifigs Middle Earth/Mythical Earth/Tolkien project recently, and finished off a bunch last weekend.  Since I got a unit done, I gave myself permission to relax and paint a couple of individuals from start to finish.  In keeping with the vintage Minifigs theme, these guys are catalog numbers NS9 (leveled spear), NS12 (club), and NS25 (raised spear).  



      I had to reinforce the raised spear, which I discovered had cracked, with some superglue; I probably should have gone the rest of the way and improvised some sort of pennant wrapped around the spear shaft, since it left some irregularity.  While these fellows are theoretically historical, they could see service in Middle Earth as militia of Bree, Laketowners, dismounted Rohirrim, Sharkey’s thugs, Dunlendings, or the more rustic Gondorians without being too much of a stretch.

      I found an ad for the range, which had been newly released as of October 1976, so just over 45 years ago.  Minifigs apparently thought they were crossover figures of interest in the fantasy market, at least enough to put an ad in The Dragon (before it lost the “The”). All of you kids can be glad that you have modern figures to work with. 😁  For those who were there with me BITD, I will note that it is a lot easier to paint these today with acrylic paint triads and brushes that will hold a point than it was to use Testors or Humbrol enamels when these were new.
    • By Rob Dean
      I am getting back to work on building a game with the original Minifigs 1974 “Mythical Earth” (unlicensed Tolkien) figures, which were what I started my collection with...because there wasn’t anything else. These guys stand 16mm tall to the top of their hairy heads, and were sculpted before the green stuff technique was developed. So there wasn’t much of a face to work with. You young people are so lucky; we had to chew miniatures out of lead with our teeth. (Grumpy old man rant ....)
      These guys came three to a strip for about 25 cents, as I recall. These represent one strip plus a stray spearhobbit from who knows where. 
    • By Rob Dean
      After yesterday's work on the Bones 4 scenics, I dug around and finished off the first of a set of resin buildings I got from an Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter a year or two back:


      I also finished basing up a seriously vintage (ca. 1974) Minifig Ent:


      And, finally touched up basing and finished off my Gencon speed paints:


      From left to right, a Word preliminary round figures, a Reaper preliminary round, a Wyrd final round, and a Reaper final round. (So, 45 minutes on the preliminaries and 60 minutes on the finals...I added names to the two preliminaries; retitled the Word final, and attached the Reaper final to a Frostgrave-themed snow and rock base.)
    • By Rob Dean
      My significant other is in a songing competition this weekend, and I’m along for moral support. 
      Knowing that I would have some quiet time, I brought my travel paint kit and some miniatures. On the left are five Broadsword rangers, and on the right three Minifigs true orcs. The orcs are part of my Mythical Earth warbands project, but the Broadsword figures are a one-off.
      I didn’t have any Broadsword back in the day. Apparently none of the hobby shops I visited stocked them. My first encounter with them was in larger eBay lots while fishing for other old figures. I ended up with four of these archers in a large lot early in my eBay history, and then went looking for the command/personality pack later.
      I painted the swordsman/captain and the ranger-bard last summer.


      Now that they are almost all done, I hope to get them out as a unit of scouts in a Dragon Rampant game soon. 
    • By Rob Dean
      So here's my final for this unexpected snow day.  Three stands go to the Dux Bellorum project, which I hope to play with this weekend, and the two on the right are part of the vintage Minifigs Middle Earth war bands  project.  As the Soviets are supposed to have said, quantity has a quality of its own...

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