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The Subterranean Realms by Glitterwolf

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Here I will paint the inhabitants of the world beneath us.

You will find Drow, Myconids, Beholders and all sorts of cave dwelling creatures here.

I might also try my hand at some terrain or buildings.


Some stuff that awaits painting:







Fungal Queen

Killer Fungi (2)

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25 minutes ago, Corsair said:

I cannot wait to see what you do with the fungal queen!


Patience friends, I need to move first, it might take a while.

But she and her friends will be in here when I start painting again.

I got the Darkreach expansion from Bones IV, so a lot of that will find it way into this one and in my other projects.

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Since I have a lot of minis ( and am printing even more) I sold and gave away a few minis.

The Drow and Dark Watcher are no longer in my posession, however there will be new Dark Elf types coming next month as STL files from Artisan Guild.

I still have enough to paint for this project, but it will be a side-project.

I'm focusing on the main projects at the moment, so patience...

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Right, let's get this Project started for real.


Introducing our explorer Lance Bucklesworth, you can find more info about him here:



Investigating a Cave, the entrance to another World?


Sometimes the Universe works in mysterious ways.

A year ago on one of his travels in the far East, Lance had bought a book from a Arab merchant, it was written in a strange language he had never seen before.

It intrigued him, and after much haggling he obtained the book.

We will talk about his adventures in the East some time later.


After studying the book for a while he noticed a pattern and something familiar.

That's it! He thought and searched in a trunk where he kept all sorts of things he brought back from his travels.

A strange rock with a few symbols on it.

Yes! This was it! The rock was inscribed with a few Norse runes he could read and next to them were a few symbols that matched the ones in his book.

He had a lead!

After months of puzzling, he cracked the code and was able to read most of the book.


Lance was excited, always eager to discover new lands and searching for artifacts, he learned that the book was a guide to a system of caverns that seemed to connect with each other and maybe more.

Looking at the maps in the book and reading the description of the areas he was certain he could find one of those caves.

And so, Lance went on another expedition.


Lance has found a large cave, is this the one?

Will this be the one that leads to a bigger underground place?

What will he find there?


Excited he entered the cave, not afraid of any danger, he brought his whip and crossbow and his bags are filled with all he needs.

Soon he will find out what lies ahead.



Lance: Dungeon Explorer from EPIC Miniatures from their Sons of Midnight Set.

Printed on the Elegoo Mars.

The Stalagmite is from Reaper Bones.

I will use some mushrooms from Ristul's Fantasy Market.








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      This was my entry for the quarterly contest. I decided to paint him as though he was in a cave with maybe some luminescent crystals or mushrooms. I love the sculpt and will probably eventually get another to paint "normally". Or maybe not since I have hundreds of other minis to paint!





    • By Glitterwolf
      Nanaari the Wise Woman on a Zeek ( Battleprawn) 3D Printed on my Elegoo Mars, Design Artisan Guild,
      The small Beetle is 3D printed, Design GloomyKid.
      The Two Brown Bugs, 3D printed and Scaled Down, Design Yasashii Kyojin Studio.
      The big blue bug on the rocks is 3D printe and scaled dow, Design Lord of the Print.
      The Small mushrooms are resin from Ristul's Fantasy Market.
      The big Mushroom Cluster is 3D printed from PrintYourMonsters.
      The Stalagmites are from Reaper Bones ( sculpted by our own @TaleSpinner).
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      After several hours of muted squelching and gurgling, once every scrap of organic matter and soluble minerals have been absorbed, the worms finally move away from the small heap of metal fragments and tooth enamel that was once Torelli.  And in the dark silence that follows the worms are again left, as they have been for ages, alone. Waiting. And hungry.

      I love these disgusting sculpts. Great for Underdark and spacefuture alike, they are horribly organic, all sphincters and flaps and folds. They will engulf an adventurer. It is a soft death, but not painless. Something about that eye makes them look less brainless than one might think.
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      If anybody here loves cavern terrain and missed DF's first cavern KS KS2, this spring/summer around June DF will have KS6. The theme of KS6 will be Return to the Caverns and should be great fun for those who took part in KS2 or those who are new to DF.

      DF had this to say and showed the below teaser pics

      We're doing for Caverns what Dungeon of Doom did for Dungeons. A whole new batch of fun pieces to enhance your existing collection, but also completely stand-alone.

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      New Core Shapes (diagonal wall, convex curves, 1" pieces, etc)
      Elevation (with stuff that's impossible on graph paper...)
      Negative Space pieces (and new Terrain Trays)
      Flashy Pieces (Magnets & LEDs)
      Large pieces (4x4 and larger)





    • By Pochi
      This was my entry in the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Painting Contest. I wanted her to look like she is living in a magical cavern. I had a whole vision for how I wanted her base and I mostly pulled it off. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned her. It took way more work than I anticipated but I learned a whole lot about making scenic bases! I ended up buying a router and having my husband help me create the cave in the side of the plinth.
      She sits on the base so I can still grab her and put her on the table for D&D if I want to. My only issue with her is that she is difficult to photograph! I don't have a good picture of the back.








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