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Mythexplorers IV : RPG miniatures

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About us

  • RN estudio offer services like 3D sculpt, the best 3D printings , Resin cast and Miniature Painting.
  • We helped other companies to have success in their crowdfunding projects, we have worked in more than 20 successfully completed projects.
  • We have enough experience to bring you the best quality resin cast miniatures for your Zombie, Dungeon Crawler or Skirmish games, or simply for collect and paint !

Why Crowdfunding?

  • Our previous campaigns, for expand our miniature range, Mythexplorers, Mythexplorers II, Chaos Pact team, Humans VS Orcs , 4 New FF Teams, Revenants VS Ancestrasls were very successful, and we are very happy with the experience.
  • We plan to produce all the miniatures and do all the shippings in 7 months, because of this we must limit the maximum quantity of each miniature to 80 copies.
  • All our backers are very satisfied with the final product, also you can buy in our web store !
  • We have finished awesome models to expand our  line MYTHEXPLORES.
  • Because of this, we need your help to make these miniatures reality. If you help in this proyect, you will get the best price, exclusive items and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

  ---> We wanna support the new generation of miniature collectors, for this we offer the childs pack, to introduce new blood with a very special price. You can also add Childs pack to your Core or bust / 75mm level. 


 1 Bust or 75mm miniature for 39 euros. You can also  add to your Core level. 

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I backed the last one. My stuff came ok, but I remember @Gadgetman! ‘s stuff not being packaged great and the company not seeming to care much. 

having said that, I would probably back this one... but by the time I was able to log in and check it out, the sacred core was sold out. Just means I have some things to look to buy at retail. 

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If Limbo wasn't having a 75mm KS starting soon I'd think about it.. but I'm already getting dirty looks from my wife as all the orders from December are starting to roll in

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Yeah the packaging was horrible. I had several broken figures and they were like "here's a 20% coupon for you to order more from us."


Mind you I'm still backing this one as I'm a sucker for their not LoTR figures...

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We're in the last day of the KS. I'm tempted to back for the "Childs" plus an add-on mini, since the "Free to All Backers" minis really pad it out. Can't tell what size the Childs are, though. Their scale relative to their bases makes them look more-or-less the same size as most of the other minis...

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