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the new party (pretty pic heavy) 60011,77165,77090,69913,89010, Dragon warrior

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Looking very good, though for me the standout is the ranger. Love the camouflage you achieved on the cloak.

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Thanks everyone!  I appreciate the comments.  Lately most of my projects have been quantity over quality as I have to keep up with a new campaign.  I had to build a few pieces and parts to make their characters match the mini.  the halfling player wanted to use a Warhammer so I had to improvise ::D: 


I still have to keep remembering that the old bones 1 and 2 minis don't have much of a face.  it can get hard to get any expression on them (one of the reasons why we have a metal Lem rather than a bones Lem for the bard.)  fortunately the ranger's face is shrouded in shadow because he's a beard and a bunch of squiggles ^_^


This weekend project is terrain!  my wife and kids bought me some mantic and wizkids terrain crates for my birthday and my older son volunteered to help me paint it!

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These make me nostalgic for my D&D playing days, I haven't painted an adventuring party in soooo long. Have to agree that painting faces on some Bones is a thankless task (but then it's the hardest part of most miniatures), but then you get the easy "convertibility" which you've made good use of here. Wondering if you plan to add "saltmarsh" to the bases or maybe just paint them "dungeon floor grey"?

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The bases will get completed, unjust haven't figured out how.  The campaign is split pretty evenly between cavern/indoor terrain, onboard ship and the great outdoors.  Hard to choose stone, wood or marsh!

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Nice set - really nice for 6 hours! My favorite is the elf thief - the face has a mischievous look...Bonus for getting minis to the table!

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    • By Shadespyre
      Hello Reaper friends!  You might remember I did a whole tribe of Hill Giants on a display board, with hex bases?
      This is my follow up to that, this time: Stone Giants.
      Errrm, it all got a bit out of hand, and I'd LOVE some input from you all, please
      This is where I'm at after a week and I'm a bit stuck tbh.

      I think I need to decide more about what the "finish" will look like before I go a lot further. Once I cover that foam with more than paint it's going to be harder to make changes. I'm thinking of sort of "cladding" it in pieces of slate, with sculpted  bits / groundwork in the gaps?
      I'd also love to hear suggestions for other miniatures and features to add to the scene to break up those big open rocky spaces. Current extra bits and bobs are just there for a sense of scale and how extra minis might "interrupt" or "enhance" the scene.
      Some next steps though:
      - cork around the hexes on the platforms for the bases to fit into
      - some sort of "door frame"
      - "box in" the sides (which are cut out of a continuing mountainside, in my head at least)
      Please, rain your ideas and encouragements upon me!
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Help! I'm hating this paintjob.
      I grabbed this demilich thinking it'd be a fun and easy paintjob. But everything I do makes me hate it more.

      I was trying to go for a green flame look, so yellow on the inside, and gradually darker green highlights on the outside. These were drybrushed and then cleaned up by hand. I think this is where the problem started because it's not reading as fire. It just looks like a blobby mess?
      Should I just scrap it and start over with more of an ethereal glow that's darker in the middle and lighter on the edges?
      I also am not happy with the base. I've never painted a 2D base before, I've always added some kind of texturing material. And although I'm reasonably satisfied with how the base looks on the summoning circle behind the demilich, it looks so bad on the demilich base. And I think my green glow isn't helping. 
      And finally the Bones. I imagined that if there was a green light behind the Bones then they'd be tinted green and darker on the outside. Again .. this just doesn't look right.
      I'm normally fairly confident in my painting abilities, but I think I've landed in unfamiliar territory and I'm just not sure how to salvage or proceed. What can I do?
    • By Otyugh
      This is my filthy first.
      I finally gave in and purchased one of the Bones figures. It is the otyugh-ish filth beast by Bob Ridolfi.

      It is a big change from the metal minis I usually purchase. The material is way bendy, almost like a green Gumby toy.

      The coolest thing is the way it is baka yoke, and all the pieces are "keyed" to a hole. I would have to try really hard to mess up the assembly on this one!

    • By MoonglowMinis
      First time showing something off on the forums! Normally only post to my instagram @MoonglowMinis
      Had a blast painting this one up! Had to tap into my painterly side to get the glow effect I wanted and to transition the plating down to the end of the tail where there was no sculpted detail. 
      Hope you all like it!


    • By Iridil
      Here is a set of five zombies I painted up - first 2 are wizkids and I found I did not really like the sculpt, a sort of Elvis pirate looking zombie. Second three are a mix of a wizkid and two reaper zombies. Quick paint ups for the table - being fortune to have an in-house group to play with!


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