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the new party (pretty pic heavy) 60011,77165,77090,69913,89010, Dragon warrior


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Thanks everyone!  I appreciate the comments.  Lately most of my projects have been quantity over quality as I have to keep up with a new campaign.  I had to build a few pieces and parts to make their characters match the mini.  the halfling player wanted to use a Warhammer so I had to improvise ::D: 


I still have to keep remembering that the old bones 1 and 2 minis don't have much of a face.  it can get hard to get any expression on them (one of the reasons why we have a metal Lem rather than a bones Lem for the bard.)  fortunately the ranger's face is shrouded in shadow because he's a beard and a bunch of squiggles ^_^


This weekend project is terrain!  my wife and kids bought me some mantic and wizkids terrain crates for my birthday and my older son volunteered to help me paint it!

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These make me nostalgic for my D&D playing days, I haven't painted an adventuring party in soooo long. Have to agree that painting faces on some Bones is a thankless task (but then it's the hardest part of most miniatures), but then you get the easy "convertibility" which you've made good use of here. Wondering if you plan to add "saltmarsh" to the bases or maybe just paint them "dungeon floor grey"?

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    • By Nial ap Morai
      Super fun to paint, all Reaper Paints, the base is Vallejo- Sandy Paste with a Reaper sandy tan base coat and Minotaur hide wash.   The shoulder armor is powderburn brown with powderburn brown+drops of leather brown for highlights.   Really liked the armors color, I have been wanting to use that color.  Really happy with the eyes first mini in about 2 dozen whose eyes don’t looked like the guy was kicked in the side of the head by a horse. Shield looked spiffy too, which is key to any self respecting spartan 

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      Hey everyone, the tribe is still growing. Here's 77349, Goblin Shaman with spider familiar sculpted by Ben Siens.







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      Good day everyone, here's 77444, Goblin warrior with spear sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Since these goblins are sold with duplicates, I will convert the others by swapping their weapons. I will also paint the goblin command, shaman and leader.






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      Hello All,
      Here is a Dwarf Butcher 77460 that I painted up a couple months ago. 
      Thank you for looking.

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      Hey everyone, the madness continues. Here's the 77445, Goblin skirmisher with shortbow sculpted by Bobby Jackson.







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