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Gloomhaven starting minis

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Very nice, I like how you've used the game colours. I'd have been tempted to use clear bases, but your way works nicely, too. I don't own the copy of the game we've been playing with, which means I've resisted the temptation to offer to paint the miniatures (I still haven't finished his Dungeonquest miniatures from 25 years ago...). It's a fun game once you work out how it differs from your traditional dungeon crawls - pretty much, you have to do everything at break neck speed in order to succeed. No spoilers, but I just unlocked our first new character and if you think the brain-eating cannibal rat guy is weird, well....! :poke:



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Thanks. The bases and glow effect were inspired by a painter called Sorastro. I think I actually bought the bases having followed a link from his website!


I did think about clear bases, but decided I wanted the extra colour and space to give each mini a little more character if I wanted to (like the bonus rats). 


Yeah, we're a few scenarios in; having failed a few we've realised we really can't dawdle!

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    • By ThirstyBob
      Finished up the Verminling Mindtheif for Gloomhaven. I had planned on painting the armor green, but halfway through I realized he was blue in the game so I switched over and I am REALLY glad I did the green first, it really pops. Eyes look a bit funky because I was trying to do the glowy thing like in the game.

    • By Marvin
      Next up another half-orc, and purposefully so this time. Derek the Dim, from Tre Manor's Red Box Games. He was an accidental acquisition, sent by mistake. Tre was kind enough to let me keep him. He wasn't on my radar at all during the Kickstarter, but I fell in love a little, honestly, when I saw him in person.
      More of my home-brewed orc-ish skin tone on this, though I left him unwashed (heh). Only real thing with which I managed to tickle myself on this one was the rope (him and on Dirk, soon to be posted, both). Don't think it shows in the crappy pictures well, but it actually turned out great on these guys.



      Thanks for looking. Feel free to comment and critique and what's it alls it.
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