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3 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

That looks cool!!

FYI, Iron Wind Metals still sells these (and the arm sprue), but shipping is a flat $10 in the US.


They also still make the dragon wings! I catch them at a convention every year where they usually have both. I think I may have to get a some more bits to make my self a little hunting pack of these next time I see them. 

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    • By Rob Dean
      I had the opportunity to play some Dragon Rampant last weekend at Huzzah, a convention in Portland, Maine.  I decided that it was time to get these figures off the painting sticks and into play.  DR calls for 6 figure units for war beats and cavalry, but these rats are small enough that I decided that 6 bases was a nice unit of measure.  The two large swarms are single piece castings (01-045 from Iron Wind Metals), and the outrider bases are the DF-106s, originally scultped by Julie Guthrie.
      This was a speed painting exercise; total brush time was just under an hour, and they were, as you can tell, mostly dry brushed.  
    • By EvilJames
      My Iron wind speed paint. He was just a little guy but I liked him. However I was disappointed when I accidentally over washed him in black and it darkened his purple and red scales too much so that you couldn't really tell the colors. Normally I don't add any more paint a mini that's done, but I felt I needed to add some more purple when I got home to bring him closer to my original "vision".The "Before's"

      The "After's"
      I may base him up some day if needed but for now this is what he is.
    • By Inarah
      This is an old lead Ral Partha figure, from Shadowrun, I believe.  I painted her rather neutrally, so she could be used in a variety of modern settings. 

    • By Pingo
      These are old Ral Partha sculpts from Iron Wind Metals. They are assorted deckers and /or riggers from the Shadowrun game, i.e. people Of The Future who use computers in a virtual matrix and puppet combat drones in the physical world.

      It occurs to me that decker miniatures are not much called for, since all of their relevant gameplay is in online virtual personas which don't tend to look like people and in an environment where mapping out positions is impossible, so tabletop gameplay with minis is ... a little diffuse, at best.

      So I wonder how much demand there actually was for figures of the "meat space" physical reality of the deckers, the people who (this is so '90s a vision of the future) carried big physical keyboards in their hands and had to be physically wired into the computer network, including physical implanted wire plugs in their skulls!
      I love these figures for their outdated vision of future tech. Also they are lovely little sculpts.
      Anyhow, I have here the elf man from the set 20-572: Elven Deckers - Male & Female; the woman (who turned out to be an elf) from set 20-524: Riggers & Drones (5); the human woman decker from the set 20-501: Deckers (3);and the orc man decker from the set 20-595: Assets Inc. I: Shadowrunners.

      At the moment I've primed them with Titanium White and washed them with Burnt Umber. The hair is only blocked in so I can do the faces; it will be elaborated later.

      I am still working on the faces, although I like this first one:

      Elves are supposed to be a bit full of themselves, so I tried for a haughty look.

      Speaking of an obsolete vision of the future, this one is wearing cut-off jeans.

      I'm dissatisfied with this one's face. Fortunately in-game there are prosthetic "Chibi eyes", so I can paint them over weird and claim that's what they are.

      This guy is full of personality, although you can really see how bizarrely retro the idea of the tech is. Yep, he has to lug that thing around wherever he goes because there's no way a portable computing and communication device could be made, I dunno, pocket sized.

      As usual, this thread may be sporadic as my painting time is almost random between art projects.
    • By 72moonglum
      So finally have finish the third elf in my little Tom Meier trilogy of the All American elves.  Just got this one done and based, and reasonably happy with him.  Kind of took forever to choose colors and they are a bit more lively than the other two I did.

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