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Cindermaw the Clan Eater (77579)

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11 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Poor poor adventurers!


Great work, I love the colours!

Did I mention that the party's goal is to be eaten by this creature, and survive?


Reenacting a legend is dangerous business...

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funny enough, my pathfinder group just got fed a prophecy about this particular worm.



I am now the only one in the group who knows how much trouble we are in :P

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Adventurers list

1: bring magic armor

2: bring fireproof clothing

3: bring sunscreen. 

4; Bring breath mints for the cindermaw.

Great work on this miniature! I hope you all have fun tonight! 

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20 hours ago, lexomatic said:

I just finished playing that chapter in 5e.


It's a really good series of adventures. I've really enjoyed running it, and I think my players have really enjoyed playing it. Even with all the deaths... There have been at least 17 character deaths so far (I might be forgetting one or two), and they just hit 11th level. Still have one original character in the party, who has gone all that time without dying. 

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We have 2 original characters.  2 sidekicks have been promoted, and one person has had 3 characters die  2 in instant harrowings.

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