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Snitchies Terrain Emporium Updated 17 July

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Finished building the second one.  I will post photos of both on the table once this panic dies down. 


It is not as straight as the first one but it will do.  Just some gap filling to clean it up.   

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Started another project as we are still in social distancing hell.

It will be an astronomy lab. 

Starting with a Zodiac circle. 


Then I built a mechanical solar system.  Clock pieces and other parts.


Together they will look like this. 


It is 3 inches in diameter so I am not sure if I am mounting this on the wall or the floor yet.  Any thoughts?


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So off to the walls on the astronomy tower.  I made a couple of decisions about the build.  First the solar system needs to be wall mounted to protect it and should be mounted high.  Saying that these panels are going to be mounted on either the second or third floor of a tower. 

This is the panel that will house the mechanical solar system. 


The opposite face will have some sort of adjustable looking apparatus on the face. 


Stairs to the roof will be mounted on the back of one of the two panels shown. The other two walls will have windows.   I did the walls quite wide so I can add some buttressing to add texture and layers to the exterior. 

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Ah, I love orreries!  I'm never quite sure about the mechanical particulars, but the fun thing about working them into fantasy settings is that you can basically go crazy with it, and that's fine, because nobody's going to check your math (as long as, that is, it's a generic fantasy setting for which someone hasn't published some fact book about how the cosmos specifically works). 

That's some gorgeous work, and inspiring ingenuity!  I'm guessing the moon armatures are just bent rounded-top push pins?



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Thanks for the comps all.  So far I did eight sets of stairs like this one.


Now I have been working but took a quick diversion so I could refocus a Zealot Miniatures Villager prison for fun. 





Now I can get back to the grind.


Jordan,  You nailed it.  Pins and some metal beads. 

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So the majority of construction is now done.  Plenty of interior and exterior details are still required but the building is taking shape.  The interior stairwells are done in an open double helix and still need floors at each level.  Big decisions left are for the roof.  I am planning on a telescope of some kind but have not settled on a design yet. 





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