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Snitchies Terrain Emporium Updated 17 July

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Just finished a new temple/mausoleum with a charnel pit.  Foamex construction with wood dowel pillars.  The details pillars are real old oop confrontation pillars.  The plate for the charnel pit and the lettering on top were from Green Stuff World and the statue is Bones 92606.



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Starting a new project as I can never have enough of them.  Since I finished my standing stones and visited Waylands Smithy last weekend I have decided to build a Long Barrow.   Here is a photo of the real thing,


I am not particularly happy with the foam that I am using but with the current situation you have to work with what you have.  Started by cutting the interior rooms, shaping the hill and dressing the interior and exterior with foam stones. 



Slopes were added using pollyfilla.


Foam was primed and sand and details were added to the interior.


The interior will be visible but not accessible on this model.  I will paint the interior first then finish building the rest of the hill.


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Work for the day. 

I pollyfilled the top, added a sand texture and primed black.  In this photo I have used a red brown colour for the base highlight on all ground and stones.


I highlighted the stones with a dark grey and then highlighted all ground and stones with Khakie


Then I applied filter washes (thinned down inks)


One more highlight of Khaki on the stones to tone the filters down.


Tonight I have already started on the flocking and now see that I forgot to do the last filter of green to simulate moss. 

Hope you like.

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Finished up the flocking last night.  It only needs to have felt added to the bottom to finished it up.  I am just out of spray adhesive at the moment so that will have to wait.


Just a mix of static grass various tufts and a bit of light green highlight on the grass.

Another hallway shot with the flash. 


In normal lighting the whole tunnel is visible. 

Here are some shots with minis for scale.



Undead naughty bits in the next image. Shot with a flash.




Hope you like.

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