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Snitchies Terrain Emporium Updated 25 July

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Been a while since I posted.  Part of it was my normal end of year funk for painting and modelling and part of it was learning how to use my new 3d printer. 

I found this file on Thingverse and gave it a go.  As I did not want to do another temple I decided to revive my plans to build an orrery.  The Orrery its self is beads, a base, wire, pins and a couple of resin offering bowels.  Here are some photos.





Hope you like.

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I have started work on an apothecary shop.  I have a pretty good mental image of what I want so I am starting with the interior details and working out.  All the cabinetry is made with mount board sheethed in stencil paper.  Bits from a variety of manufactures and lots of 3d printed elements as I was using up the end of a spool.  The spice drying rack is completely scratch built with coffee stirrers, fine wire stems and sawdust flocking.  Hope you like.






There is a head on photo of each of these on my blog if you are interested.

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Built the interior walls and I am showing off what the texturing will look like.  Foamex textured with a crumpled ball of alluminum foil and a scribe. 



I also cleared an item off my workbench.  I finished a second Mayan style skull rack.  I did not want to work through all the skulls in one go again so I did bits and pieces over time. 



Hope you like.

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Thanks for the comps Chaoswolf. 


Stopping for the day.  Everything is now glued in place and I am left with bits and pieces.  Touch ups where I managed to glue my fingers to surfaces, weathering and maybe some other small items to add into the clutter.  More photos on my blog if you are inclined.







Hope you like.

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