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Snitchies Terrain Emporium Updated 25 July

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Did a boat burial.  I felt free to mix types as this is for a fantasy setting. Built a simple boat from card and matchsticks.  Filled it with bits, added a foam hill, foam rocks textured and paint.  Fairly happy with the build but my painting skills are still lacking.  Hope you like.




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On 8/3/2020 at 5:59 AM, snitchythedog said:

Finally removed a project from my box of shame and restarted it.  I started the house in 2015.  Finally finished the interior and painted it.  Still needs weathering and a roof.








Out of curiosity: what are the dimensions of the doors on this piece?

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Just a quick tutorial as I needed some for a build.  

How to make broken clay pots.  

Take a resin or plastic pot, or a bead that you are using to simulate a pot and use insta-mold/blue stuff/omyaru to make a one sided mould of the top, bottom and a side.  

Use milliput/aves epoxy sculpt/magic sculpt to fill the mould and take a brush handle to push it to the sides and top of the mould.  

You want it thin on the sides but not too thin.  If the putty is slightly translucent when holding it up to a light it is too thin.  


Wait for the putty to set for 24 hours so it is completely cured.  De-mould and start clipping and cutting each piece.  Try to make it look like natural breaks and glue in place.  


will probably superglue some broken egg shells on this pile too just to bulk out the broken pots.  


Edit:  I forgot to mention.  The pots that I used were the most excellent details from Crooked Dice.

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I am hosting a Frostgrave game on Tuesday so I figured that I would host one of the new scenarios.  I chose "The Orb" but needed a suitable orb.  This one started life as a super bouncy ball.  Almost all of the resin is uv setting and the base is foamex.  The splash was made by setting uv resin over a plastic sandwich bag that was taped on top of a small container.  You can find tutorials on you tube just look for resin splashes.  Hope you like.




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