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Snitchies Terrain Emporium Updated 29 January

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On 11/2/2022 at 10:23 PM, Rigel said:

Magnificent work and I appreciate the how-to! The tiny pots and delicate potsherds really take this to the next level. Do you make the little vessels yourself?

Thanks for the comps.  The pots and baskets are a mix of resin from Crooked Dice, 3d printed, plaster cast from Hirst Arts molds and beads.  If you have a question about a particular type post the picture and I can break down for you which one is which.  If you have not found it yet the broken pots "how to" is on page 6 of this thread and the chards are just dried egg shells set with thin superglue.

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On our club night we took a break from playing through Thaw of the Lich Lord as less than half of us could attend.  The three of us decided to play a one off game with level one wizards.  We chose the Summoning bell to make it interesting.  It opened with two zombies in one corner, a wild dog, a ghoul and a Worm so it looked promising.  All the monsters thereafter but two came from only one corner.  It was mostly giant rats, toads and ghouls so they really did not interfere much with the bands.  Everyone managed two treasures at least one monster and two Ulterior Motives were collected.  We had to stop the game for time as the club was closing up.  All in all it was lots of fun.  Lost my apprentice and two troops.  One of which was pushed eighteen inches off the top of the main building after I used leap to get my treasure hunter up on the roof with a rival wizard.  Everyone else lost at least two models.  Hope you like. 



This alley was where most of the combat took place.



A few more photos on my blog if you are interested.

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As I am still in need of buildings for Frostgrave and to use in fantasy roll play and scenario games I decided to build a bakery.  Most large towns and cities would have one so it is useful, and it is not something that you regularly see. 

It all started out with bread.  I molded ten loaves out of milliput and did an instamold press mold of those.  After a week of casting I had enough to start.  The pread was painted individually as it would not have had the correct look if painted in place. 


Next was shelving and clutter





Then a workbench and hand mill stone.


So far I have only built the building itself but have not done a roof yet. 



My cunning plan is once the roof is done, it is painted and the set dressing is glued in place I will use white weathering powders to simulate the flour that would inevitably be everywhere.  Hope you like.

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Back in 2019 I built a bunch of displays for the Maze of Malicore and we only played the scenario once.  Since then they have been sitting in the box so I decided to build a museum to stick them in.  I wanted it to be generic enough to use for both Pulp Alley and Frostgrave.  I did a generic front that I can hang a sign on depending on the scenario.  It can now either be the Museum of Natural History or it can be Mathesar's Emporium of Wonders.  Some photos here and more on my blog if you are interested. 






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Finished another temple enough for play in tomorrows game.  Needs another highlight to tie the surface color together and some weathering.  3d printed elements, 15mm models and scratch built details on a foamcore building. 







More photos on my blog if you are interested.

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