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I picked up a Shuttle Alpha from Proteus 3D Modelling.  I never bit the bullet when the kickstarter ran becasue I was not looking at purchasing a 3d printer.  I am very happy with the quality of the print, the design of the ship and the pricepoint.  Like all 3D prints I will have to do some sanding/smoothing to remove layers.  At this point I am planning on painting the ship like one of Peter Ellison's spaceship paintings from the 70's.   I will post better photos while I am working on it. 





Hope you like.


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Test painted the nacelles and engine bells.  White auto primer over grey auto primer.  Masked then acrylic red painted on top.  I was testing the model masking tape as much as I was testing the paint pallet and I am pretty happy with the results.   I will have to pick up a pot of white that more closely matches the primer base as my touch up colours are off.  Once the whole exterior is completed it will received a treatment for chipped paint followed by several treatments of oils and powders.   Capitan Obvious for scale. 



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